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4K Ray Tracing, GTA 5-Online Inline System Console Version

On the 15th, GTA V and GTA online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s was released. As a result, gamers have become more upgraded to the GTA world.

On the 16th, Rock Star Games revealed that Grand Theft Auto V and GTA online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, announced newly added content with the launch. First, it is possible to use the high quality steps and up to 4K resolution, up to 60 frames per second, up to 60 frames per second, up to 60 frames per second, and Ray tracing per second, and 3 graphics mode performance. It also provides a high-loading game with fast loading speed and immersive control, 3D audio, and so on. Add an exclusive element of the next generation console, and in the future, the “Hao” in the remodeling store of the LS Auto Meeting provides a special custom service called ‘Hao’s SpecialWorks’ (HSW). Here, you can add a HSW upgrade to the modified mobile means, and you can modify various modifications such as excel or chameleon painting.

GTA Online PS5 Gameplay for Next Generation is AMAZING - Ray Tracing 4K HDR 60FPS

Here, from today, HSW upgrades and modifications to the Vehicle Ubermint Sentinel XS, Shichu Haku Shuu Drag, Grotti Turismo Classic, and Bravado Banshee can be used. The new mobile means for the next generation console is available for the new moving means 5, coil cyclone II, Karan S95, and Imphonte Abiter GT also provided HSW functionality. If the existing PS4 or Xbox One player unlocks ‘Hao’s SpecialWorks’, the new Vehicle Canyon S95 completed the HSW upgrade.

In addition, the player is unlocked by the dark purple pearl and red prism pearl chameleon painting available for all HSW moving means, and one of them can be applied to one of them. If you are a member of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s, you can see the modified HSW weekly moving means, and you can immediately purchase the dealer website.

A player who wants to restart GTA online with a player or a new character that starts GTA online from the next generation console. The player chooses a CEO, weapon traffe, a nightclub owner, one of the bikers, and selects a variety of real estate and powerhouse moving means, and the weapons needed for business startup. The latest update and the most popular update have been improved to be immediately available from the main menu, including the most popular updates, and all updates to date are available.

Players with Rock Star Games Social Club Accounts can send their GTA online profiles, including characters and progress, including PS5 or Xbox series X | s with PS4 or Xbox series X | s. For returning players to send their profiles, we pay new Carren S95 and proprietary cool noise HSW racing suites that have been renovated by Hao’s SpecialWorks. We plan to apply additional regulations, such as balance adjustment of mobile means in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, the basic compensation of the Nightclub and the default compensation of the nightclubs, and the benefits of mobile means in PVP battles.

In the first time, it is possible to use GTA online for the first time in PS5 and Xbox Series X | s, and free monopoly from PS5 until June 14, 2022, Xbox Series X | S, Price is available.

More details on GTA5 and GTA online PS5, XBOX series X | s version can be found on the homepage.

GTA 5: Online character and score on next

In our GTA-5 Guide you will learn:

  • How to transfer your character from GTA online to PS5 or Xbox Series X / S
  • How to take your singleplayer score to the Next-Gen consoles
  • Whether CrossSplay is possible between load and Next gene

More than seven years after its original release, GTA 5 will now appear at the third console generation now, the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S . So you do not have to start from scratch, you can transfer your online character and story score.

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Can I transfer my Xbox one score to the PS5?

Yes, GTA 5 offers the opportunity to transfer the character of a last gene console to a Next-Gen console of your choice. For example, those who played during the last console generation on the Xbox One, but now switched to a PS5, can transfer his score and online character from the Xbox One to the PS5. You have the following options:

  • PS4 on PS5
  • PS4 on Xbox Series X / S
  • Xbox One on Xbox Series X / S
  • Xbox One on PS5

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GTA 5: Singleplayer game level on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S Transfer

Important : You must have the Xbox-One or PS4 version installed to transfer your singleplayer game level to the Xbox Series X / S or PlayStation 5.

Transfer Your GTA Online Character To NEXT-GEN Without Deleting It On OLD-GEN? (EXPANDED & ENHANCED)
To transfer your story mode progress from GTA 5 to a Next-Gen console, it also requires an account for the Rockstar Games Social Club. If you do not own any, you can log in to the linked website with your Xbox or PlayStation account and create one.

Then start the Singleplayer mode of the Xbox-One or PS4 version of GTA 5. Opens the pause menu, goes to the “Game” tab and select the item “Upload the score” . Here you can choose one of your playing stands and upload. Caution: That works only with a single score.

As soon as the message “Upload Score – Your Score has been successfully uploaded. You can download your game level when you start Grand Theft Auto 5 on your Latest Gen platform. ” Appears, you can stop GTA 5 again .

Then start the PS5 or Xbox-Series-X / S version of GTA 5 and selects Singleplayer mode. In the pause menu you can download UP Game> Score _euer uploaded Savegame and continue there where you have stopped on the Last Gene Console.

Caution : Your singleplayer score is stored a maximum of 90 days online. So you have to transfer it to the new console within 90 days.

GTA Online: Character Transfer – That’s how it works

Also for the transfer of your GTA-online character you need an account at the Rockstar Games Social Club. However, you do not have to upload your character yourself because your data is automatically saved in the cloud if you are connected to the Rockstar Games Social Club.

Starts the Next Gen version of GTA 5 and selects the Multiplayer mode . GTA Online automatically detects your old character and leads you step by step through the character transfer. Consider that you can only play your character after this transmission on the Next-Gen console – it is no longer available on Xbox One or PS4.

GTA Online: What is all transferred?

  • Characters
  • GTA $
  • Game progress
  • Statistics
  • Vehicles
  • Real estate
  • Weapons
  • Clothes
  • Himself created jobs

Caution : Have you bought GTA $ for real money, you can only transfer them to the next generation within a platform – should be called PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One on Xbox Series X / s.

Is CrossSplay possible between load and Next gene?

No, CrossSplay between the old and new console generation is not possible . If you want to play GTA online with your friends, you have to decide for a platform.

Can I transfer my PC character to PS5 or Xbox Series X / S?

For PC players who want to switch to a Next-Gen console, we unfortunately have bad news. Online characters from the PC version can not be transferred to a Next-Gen console, as Rockstar is announced via Twitter.

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Error when transferring GTA online characters: How to fix “You have no GTA online

Grand Theft Auto Online is finally available on Next-Gen consoles and many GTA online players encounter mistakes when they try to transfer their existing characters to the new platforms. The Next Gen version of GTA V has several graphics modes that provide raytracing, 60 fps gameplay and a mixture of both while providing improved charging times and other Next-Gen improvements. However, most people jump into the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S version of GTA V to play Grand Theft Auto online, and moving their existing memory data to the new systems can be a bit tedious. So you can fix some of the most common GTA online profile migration errors.

How to fix errors when transferring GTA online characters


Rockstar Games is currently aware of the problems that they have encountered when they tried to postpone their characters and profiles on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, so the best solution is to just wait for an official solution. GTA Online is still playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S due to downward compatibility, so you can continue to play the last generation version while waiting for Rockstar to update. It looks like many people try to migrate at the same time, and the servers can not keep up, so just wait and try again later.

However, there are a few things you can try so that the secure transfer works immediately. Most players run in this state to error “You have no GTA online profiles available” or “previously migrated profiles can not be migrated again.” This error is most likely due to people’s GTA Online characters have transferred to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. For some reason, Rockstar does not seem to allow people to transfer their characters more than once, but that could be just a mistake because they have said that they examine.

How to transfer your GTA online profile to Next gene

However, make sure that you have followed all transfer instructions correctly. You must do the following to get your memory data on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S:

  1. Open Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 or Xbox One.
  2. Interrupt the game and navigate to the game tab.
  3. Select to upload your stored data.
  4. Open GTA V on PS5 or Xbox Series x | s.
  5. Download your stored data.

You can only upload a memory file, so make sure you select the right data. This only works if you use the same social club account on both platforms. This is also a one-time process so that you can not return to the last generation version and keep your progress of PS5 or Xbox Series X | S.

Grand Theft Auto Online is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Fanboy’s attack / play guide / error in transferring GTA online characters: How to fix “You have no GTA online profiles available” and other problems

Golf with your friends Review A good playing moment and offbeat

Set up a mini golf on Team17 and the Blacklight Interactive Multiplayer Golf game, Golf with Your Friends, is very different from moving from one class to another in your local mini-putt. The design of the scene allows both things that are possible on your middle mini golf course as well as far-off and original things that vary the gameplay. Although it is certainly possible to have mobile platforms and large sets on the best mini golf courses, get a kraken would be expensive in space and engineering, but the black holes and explosives on others scenes are completely out of the question. The design of the scene makes me want more courses and according to the appearance of the scene selection screen, there are still one to come.

Team17 and Blacklight Interactive offer more than 10 unique golf courses in Golf with Your Friends. A course makes you dive into a volcano and another makes you lob your bullet of candies and chocolate. Each card is very well designed and each of them offers unique challenges. The cards included are Forest, Haunted, Oasis, Space Station, Museum, Pirate Cove, Volcano, Ancient, Twilight, Candy Land, Worms and a recorded route similar to The Escapist series that Team17 has also published. The unique design with the Worms level (another IP Team17) showed me the conceptions of potential cards that could be added in the future beyond a simple ESCAPIST level. Really, I would like to see all kinds of people collaborate with this game to bring other crazy courses to the game. With the course of the spatial station, I thought that it would be to see a halo course that could Have elements of bending of reality similar to black holes in most courses. The remains of dinosaurs of the museum reminded me of a potential animal crossing course: New Horizons where you explore the island, leading to a course at the museum. Ancient shows Egyptian-inspired scenes, evoking the dreams of an Assassin s Creed course. Although my hopes are not too high for the extension of the Pinball FX level, it is nice that the design of the stage is so unlimited that such things are possible.

Golf courses with your friends are designed in such a way that it would not be possible to recreate in a real environment. Some of the dangers of the course include guns that pull your golf ball to a completely separate area to Pirate Cove and your bullet literally need a jet pack in some of the Worms stages. Haunted includes ghosts like a danger of scene and they will drop your ball into oblivion if you put it on their way. Although these intriguing scenic designs sometimes make it difficult to know what hole I m going, Team17 and Interactive Blacklight explained that. For a limited time on every step of each course, you can use a free camera to navigate the course from an air perspective. This will also allow you to know which hole you must aim by displaying a flag icon. Although I think this icon should not disappear without using the free camera, it is a crucial element for the most complex stages and it is a functionality that seems to be practically unused by the other online so far. Although I have seen some glitches, most of my mistakes were my fault, except on the Worms course that is total chaos and destruction that will be familiar with Worms fans.

Another key feature of golf with your friend is a power gauge that will be familiar to all those who played a golf game so far from Mario Golf to Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. Sometimes, when I play mini golf, I have trouble measuring my strength so that these types of meters make the experience even better than the real deal. The power gauge is particularly important in the hockey game mode, where hockey enthusiasts exchange the golf ball against a hockey washer, changing physics and accelerating things. The basketball game exchanges the hole against a basketball basket, forcing you to skip your ball in a perfect ark or bounce on the panel for a closer call. With the ability to customize each mode of play, the possibilities are endless for golf fans with your friends. With 11 courses and unlimited possibilities in several modes of play, I will devote a lot of hours to this game of mini golf.

Golf with your Friends is a great mini golf game that brings a friendly competition on mini golf courses. While you can dive countless hours in solo experiments on several game modes, the online game is where the game really shines. QuickPlay will put you in a game very quickly thanks to a decent matchmaking, but you can locate specific connections using the server browser. I found that I got windy of several lobbies that I joined but it s because people joined their friends and I can see why. After a few games online, I had the chance to meet good laughs that simply could not find a course. Some people do solo and others want to get online immediately, but I highly recommend playing every level in advance just not to look like a beginner putter.

Online, you can choose between several color options to customize your ball, but like other online mini-golf titles, you can unlock things such as a Flashy and Colorful Trail that follows your ball when you have it Send fairing from one class to another (sometimes literally). My choice of customization was a violet golf ball with a sombrero and a red candy track. This gave me strong vibrations of Cinco de Mayo and the playful nature of customization options reminded me of the beginnings of Rocket League. The online gameplay is very similar to the mobile game known as Golf Battle, only the multiplayer did not include Rush mode from what I could find and certainly would benefit. I noticed that Golf with Your Friends is part of the Game Pass subscription range on Xbox One and it is available for subscribers from the first day, some against which I competed online. Local multiplayer is ideal for challengeing your local friends, but be able to challenge any friend who has Game Pass a lot easier for filling a hall.

Golf with Your Friends is easy to take charge but hard to master, like all the best board games. As a person who is struggling to find putters big enough for me on mini golf courses and has a tenacious injury, golf with your friends is an excellent alternative to reality. With the focus on online multiplayer and the title being available from the first day on Game Pass, it s a great way for Team17 and Interactive BlackLight to gather more people during these difficult times. If you and your friends are subscribers to the Game Pass and you are looking for a relaxing game to become competitive, it s an easy download. While the soundtrack offers a unique and quiet track for each course, I found myself to listen to podcasts and YouTube videos instead, but music reminds minecraft tunes. The sound design also lacks the impact of things that explode the same sound for each putt, whatever the strength. The impact of each shot is similar to MINI PUTUT 2 of Addicting Games released in 2004. The design of the scene compensates for all that lacks in the sound design, but these are means for developers to improve the experience in the future.

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