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GTA dream ends up being real: Superstar sets talented follower

It is an absolute dream for several GTA followers: work for Rockstar Games the following collection component. A gifted GTA player currently shows that he can additionally come true-because he was hired by the programmers, for excellent reason.

GTA V: Superstar has another employee

The Open World game GTA 5 is among the most played video games on the planet, yet or due to that, Rockstar Games is currently dealing with GTA 6. A fan is now component of this group .

Reddit individual Deejayjeanp, Also known as Reasoning Films, has been creating spectacular videos for a long period of time, including GTA 5. Rockstar Games, has actually undoubtedly ended up being conscious of him as well as is evidently so satisfied that they have actually now set the designer of the video clips .

He welcomes you to follow his Twitter or Instagram account @deejayjeanp if you desire to follow his job at Rockstar Games **.

When GTA 6 will be launched is not yet recognized. Certainly we maintain you up to day.


In one of the most current Reddit contribution by U/Deejayjeanp, he does not reveal a video clip, yet specifically his packed luggage.

GTA 5: Rockstars latest update finally fulfills long -time fan

With the latest update for GTA 5, Rockstar Fans finally fulfills a long -wish. The publisher donated a graphic feature to the Next-Gen version of the Open World Hit, which PS5 and Xbox players had to wait a long time.

Developer Rockstar has published a new patch for the Next Gen version of GTA 5 without a great prior notice. In addition to numerous bug fixes, the update 1.56 contains a graphic option that fans have been wishing for a long time: On the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S you can now reduce the motion blur (motion blur) or even switch off completely.

GTA 5: Update lets fans cheer

The Next-Gen-Update of GTA 5 now gives you the opportunity to set the motion blur using a practical slider. So, for example, when driving through Los Santos , you can use the computing power of your PS5 or Xbox Series X | S and admire your environment at high speeds at a clear resolution instead of just perceiving them blurry.

8 Best GTA 5 Like Open World Games For Android You Shouldn't Miss ????
While this new option was initially only implemented on the next-gene consoles , new update files for the PC indicate that the feature can soon be activated on this platform.

Rockstar: New patch for Grand Theft Auto

In addition to the new feature, the patch also removes some bugs and thus improves the gaming experience. On the PS5, this affects, among other things, the setting of the trigger buttons of the DualSense controller, while on the Xbox Series X | s sound problems in combination with Xbox live parties were fixed. The PS4 and Xbox-One versions were also improved in the update -however, the motion blur feature is not available on the last-gen consoles. (Source: Rockstar)

With the patch 1.56 , Rockstar continues to tinker with the now 9-year-old open-world game and thus bridges the time for you piece by piece that will pass until the long-awaited successor GTA 6.

What do you expect from Grand Theft Auto 6? In our video, fans say what the upcoming game would make perfect:

How to get GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X

The iconic open world of Rockstar is still one of the most popular games in the world more than a decade since its launch, but now there are even more reasons to return and play it after the launch of a new and improved version. Here is How to get GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X If you plan to do exactly that.

The first thing you should understand about GTA 5 in PS5 and X | S Series is that it is not really an update in the conventional sense. Instead, it is actually a separate product from the base version of PS4 / Xbox One on your hard drive that you must buy and install.

For that reason, you will not find any type of update option in the original game menu.

Get the new versions of GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

The only way to get the improved version is to visit the store of any platform in which you want to play and buy it from there. It is available for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles of the current generation, including PS5, Xbox Series X | s.

Keep in mind that the new version has a discount from the launch until June 14. The PS5 GTA online package is available to play for free for three months after the launch of the game (requires subscription to PS Plus).

How to transfer the game saved to GTA V in PS5 and Series X

You can transfer the online campaign and progress from your previous game to the new enhanced package so you do not have to start all your adventure again. This is solved through the functionality of the Rockstar Games Cloud store; You only need to pause the game, go to the game option and then click on ‘Load saved game’.

That should give you everything you need to know about How to get GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S . To get more tips and guides useful about the game, you are already in the right place here at Rockstar Games.

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GTA 5: PS5 and Xbox Series X versions come with three graphics

In mid-March, Rockstars continuous burner GTA 5 also appears for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X / s. Almost two weeks before the release, Rockstar has announced further details on the new versions of the Open World Game. One of the most important innovations is a graphic fresh cell cure, because next to HDR, the new versions are also to offer Ray Tracing effects.

Overall, there will be three different graphics modes in the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions, which differ in terms of resolution and frame rate.

The graphics modes from GTA 5 in the overview

  • PLAYING MODUS: Native 4K resolution (on Series S extrapolated) and 30 FPS frame rate plus ray tracing effects
  • Power mode: Focus on frame rate with 60 fps, the resolution is extrapolated on 4K (1080p resolution on the Series S)
  • RT mode: A mix of the other two modes, which should offer up to 60 fps, extrapolated 4K resolution and ray tracing effects. This mode is only available on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Generally, the upcoming version of GTA 5 should be very strongly based on the PC version of the game and offered numerous optical and technical improvements that exist on the PC, including:

  • More pedestrians and cars on the streets
  • Higher vegetation density
  • Better light and shadow effects
  • Improved reflections

To do this, the meanwhile usual current gene console optimizations come like faster charging times, 3D sound and haptic feedback at the PlayStation 5 version. All improvements affect both the campaign mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 so also the independently playable GTA Online .

Here is a trailer to the GTA 5 upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S:

GTA 5 and GTA Online: PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Versions Get March Release Date - IGN Now

Preload and pre-order soon available

In addition, Rockstar had another important message for anyone who is planning to get the supergputed version for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X / S. Because from the 8. March will be able to download the game in PS Store as well as the Microsoft Store both to download and directly in Preload. Thus, you can then get started directly to the launch on March 15, 2022.

More information about the Next Gen variant of GTA 5 is also in our review article .

In which graphics mode will you play?

Open World SF Action RPG “ELEX II Elex 2” released. Player choices for playing interacting spinning stories

THQ NORDIC JAPAN Co., Ltd. launched an open world SF action RPG “ ELEX II Elex 2 ” on March 1. Corresponding platform is PLAYSTATION 4 / PLAYSTATION 5 / Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S, and PC (STEAM) version will be delivered on March 2 tomorrow. The price is PS4 / SP5 version 7590 yen, Xbox ONE / Xbox series X | 7600 yen for XBOX ONE / XBOX Series X | PC (STEAM) version is 6550 yen.

Elex 2 - Official Release Trailer
“ELEX II ELEX 2” is an open world SF action RPG that will be the sequel to the “ELEX”, which developer’s Piranha Bytes worked and released in 2017. The stage is a planet called Malalan. A crash in meteorites is a star that collapsed civilization, and five powers are conflicted through the mysterious material Elex contained in the meteorites. And several years after the battle in the previous work, a new threat invader appears from the sky.

In this work, the player will be the hero jacks, which is the hero in the previous fight, and to face the aggressor, we will call each power to unity. In addition to the albs in which the jacks belongs to the previous work, there is a force such as a berasca car or an unlikely group outlaw, a crick that holds a combat robot, and a new power mocon in a religious tissue. It is up to the player who builds the respective power and what relationships to build, and its choice may affect the development of the afterest. In any case, we have to collect collaborators to fight invaders.

In addition, 1000 NPC appeared in this work. About 400 people are NPC with voice with voices, and the amount of text of conversation exceeds 400,000 words. Also, according to the development source, this work includes a performance element and play time exceeds 100 hours, and these volumes are only one of the features of this work.

The planet Malalan built in the open world has a wide range of 120 square km, and a variety of environments are present from natural land to devastated areas. The player will fly in a jet pack and make a mission while traveling around and will advance the story.

In the field, a battle with an enemy also occurs. From the medieval bow and swords, magic like the fantasy world, the near future guns and robots, fight using a variety of weapons and abilities. There are 120 such proximity and long-distance weapons, and 40 kinds of armor, and 34 helmets are fulfilling. The battle system evolves from the previous work and realizes a smooth proximity battle and a long distance war.

And we will replace the equipment, learn new abilities, and strengthen various statuses each time you level up, and grow jacks. Even in the process of such a battle and growth, there may be elements such as asking for cooperation, and in this work, we will spin their own stories through many choices visiting.

“Elex II Elex 2” is sold for PS4 / SP5 / Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S. Package version for PS4 / PS5 is also sold. Also, the PC (STEAM) version will be delivered on March 2 tomorrow.

In this work, video post guidelines are released. While a system using a system on a video distribution site such as YouTube and Twitch is recognized, some conditions have been specified, such as requiring registration to THQ Nordic JAPAN Corporation in advance. If you want to deliver the real condition of this work, please check it.

Open World New Employed “Elex 2” is a hardcore RPG of “once”. Enjoy the life once before the possibility

Every day with a cramped life at Corona. The cold is also severe, physically and mentally suppressed and shrinks today. Isn’t there many people who want to go out and take a fresh sense directly? A new open world RPG “ELEX II (Elex 2)” is released on March 1, just a good place, and from THQ NORDIC JAPAN Corporation. The corresponding model is PC (STeam) / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.

The story of a star that connects a number of options expresses the difficulty and fun of living with unable to read ahead. This paper introduces the game contents of “Elex II” based on the PC (STeam) version game code provided by THQ Nordic JAPAN Corporation. Reservations have been made in various stores. PS4 · PS5 Package Version / PS4 · PS5 Download Version / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S Download Version / STeam Version.

# Movie Overview

“ELEX II” is an open world action RPG that the Sword and Magic and Machine Story Deployed Based on Post Apocalypse-style worldwise. It is a sequel work of the previous work “ELEX”. There is also a part of the story, but it may also be played from now on. Corresponds to Japanese display in the game.

Piranha Bytes to develop development. The studio is known for the “RISEN” series and “Gothic” series, such as a large number of hardcore RPG works for hardcore users to be sent out in the world, and this work is not as an example, and it is finished in a work with enough work. ing. Players will be “Jacks” as the main character from the previous work, and to compete with the new enemies coming from space, to get cooperation from five tribes again, will take the planet Magalan again. Depending on the actions of the conversation and the player’s actions, the content of the story changes.

# Game design that emphasizes the cut once

The game system of the Open World Action RPG “Elex II” is mainly shaped with a combat action that adopts a third-person viewpoint and a point distribution status for creating your own character. As the RPG work, “it is difficult to grow”, and the ability to increase itself is difficult, and cautious judgment is required even if it actually increases. However, there are many opportunities for the status of high value. The status of the status is also involved in learning the ability to equip the weapon, such as unlocking of the options that appear during conversation with the character. Also, as a result, it is difficult to replace the equipment because the status is difficult to grow, and the enemy’s attack hurts. The difficulty of battle is very high.

In other words, you want to clear the quest and get experience points, but such quests often have difficulty fighting in the way, clear and level goes to which status points It will be consultation with the skills you want to use and the skills you want to earn. For example, if you distribute points prioritized to acquire skills, you can not update weapons and suffer from subsequent quests. On the other hand, if you give priority to weapons, you can not only get the ability you want, or you may narrow the width of the important options to advance the story. Like a stomile that keeps rolling, the player’s choice leads the main character to the future. If you hit someone who hit and sometimes hurts, the story will go ahead. Easy-to-vise lines The aspects that vary among others are funny, the more fun enough to bite, and encourage a unique taste that is somewhere.

If you play “Elex II”, you often think of the future of “If”. At that time, if you do this, you will dream that different sights have spread. That’s why we live while repeating regret. As you continue to proceed before you drop your own potential. The number of futures that may have been naturally floating in the mind of the player, the number of futures that may have been I will impress us as a true. It can not be possible, not to be able to do, and we will sequentially present the player who can not choose, and convert stress into reality and immersive feeling. This is a major feature in the game design of this work. Life is only once in front of the possibility.

# Simple battle and complex situation entanglement story

Then, let’s look at the detailed part of this work. Although the motion differs depending on the weapon species with the weapon species, the motion is different, but the physical attack has a stamina for a single action, and a long distance attack consumes ammunition It is in the form of It is possible to consume mana and use magic in the acquisition status of skills. However, by combining with the “jet pack”, a simple action changes to a powerful 1. The jet pack itself is also a simple element, which is also a simple factor that moves up and moving in the air by operating the propulsion equipment equipped on the waist, but if it is activated during battle, the enemy is unilaterally unilaterally Sniper and dismounce can be d1. In addition, the flock of enemies is guided to their hostile faction, and he can also have a tremendous view of a sight.

The weapon needed during the battle will buy the store sale or get it through the field walk. If you have acquired a specific ability, you can consume and craft the material with a production stand. In order to consume the possession of the ability to acquire the ability, we must think about resources carefully. Personally interesting points I was worried about the visual of equipment. This work is based on the post-apocalypse worldview, and is based on the art style that the majestic nature and the rusted waste material are intertwined, but it is a near-future design like whether to appear in the SCI-Fi work as an accent A good object is adopted. Naturally the weapons appeared, the tendency is present, and from the sight of the iron mass, the swing width of the era is great and interesting, from the eye-like weapons, the shotgun, and the laser rifle. It is easy to understand the process of becoming strong, and I thought it was a good design, with the specifications that struggle to become stronger.

By the way, the physical strength lost by the battle can not recover if you eat potions such as potions, eating potions such as potions. In the specification, it is very difficult to use items during battle, so I want to keep your mind always for the remaining physical strength. A dough-icon is a guide that the red inverted triangle icon is displayed on the screen when the Doconic Connect has a quest that is difficult to clear. Besides this, there is also a threshing action that stoles the item of picking to open the treasure chest. Naturally, because it is a criminal act, it is necessary to receive retaliation, as well as retaliation, and it needs attention because it affects the deployment of the story. The villain play is so far. By the way, I have reported that if I failed, it was beaten to the security guard.

There is also an ability that allows reading. The fields also have a recording medium, and will help to get a further understanding of the world’s view of this work. While jumping around with a jet pack, it is also one of the fun in this work to see “Planet Magalan”, which has a foreign body of the old age, such as a car or a house, as a ruin.

The story where various kinds intersecting the various speculations are very complicated to the simple contents action. As mentioned earlier, the player will choose from five tribes to the enemy coming from space and get cooperation. Mad Scientist Group “Alb” that the protagonist was a long time ago. “Berserker” using magic from meteorites. Notor group “Outlaw”. “Cleric” that owns a large number of combat machines. Cuto tissue “Mokon”.

However, although it is a former hero, the chief of the tribe should be adult and thus the voice of the main character. “I do not want to be aware of the future,” and “I want to give priority to live now than thinking about the future”, such as saying “I want to give priority to learning now”, etc.. Therefore, the main character will persuade them using that hand this hand. Sometimes the conversation, sometimes perform the stroller negotiation with specific behavior. By selecting the player’s selection and the result, the survival status of the major NPC changes, and the trend of the story also changes with it. What is important here is that Kore is important in reality-“lie is barar”. As a result of taking a tribal negotiation, it may be disliked from both people. It is recommended to clarify your stance and hit things in sincere attitudes as possible.

With regard to the contents of the story itself, this work is a sequel work, and that the main character has not changed from the previous work, there is a problem that many characters have already become a while the appearance of the face seemingly. Therefore, it may take some time to understand the structure of the entire story. In addition, although the quality of translation is totally translated, it is not a part where the grammar is collapsed, and I do not have trouble understanding the meaning, so I want it to be relieved. It depends on your hand if you want to draw the fate of the star and the life of the family who loves, and what trajectory of his life draws.

“Options that can not be selected”. “Future that may have been”. “Elex II” that produces the size of the world and the weight of the gameplay through the format of open world action RPG and the choice of continuous returning. It is also unusual to lose someone’s life instead of traveling, in spending the life under Corona that goes out itself has become risk. I want you to enjoy a raw lukewareness, one-time adventure, such as trial and error. “ELEX II” is scheduled to be released on March 1 for PC (STeam) / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. As a reservation is being performed in various stores, please check. PS4 · PS5 Package Version / PS4 · PS5 Download Version / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S Download Version / STeam Version.

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