To name a few novelties, the launch of Dover watch 2 Sac compacted Dun Change of economic model for the license: unlike the first opus, Overwatch 2 adopts a free-to-play model and is funded in particular through Don’t Battle Pass.
This advancement was not to the taste of all gamers, specifically due to the rates charged in the game shop.
Blizzard has currently brought out some changes (for example to open the new characters a little more quickly) and the upcoming launch of season 3 of the shooter will still be shot new adjustments.
In his note released on the official site, Blizzard thus announces the return of Overwatch credits, which (…) could not be won in Overwatch 2.
And to continue: From now on, all gamers can win as much as 1,500 credits totally free via the fight pass of season 3, and 500 extra credits through the premium combat pass.
At the very same time, the studio reveals the return of legendary and legendary models prior to Overwatch 2 so that they are available in Lac hat and also a reduction in the cost of legendary skins, to fix their price to 1,500 credits or pieces.
In other terms, gamers who will complement the Fight Pass can undoubtedly soften at least one legendary skin each season.
In his note, the development group Dover watch 2 indicates that he heard the arguments of the players and for that reason guarantees modifications in particular to ensure material more accessible and make the game a little more generous.
New adjustments are for that reason still expected in the coming weeks and months.


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