All League of Legends players were already a bit tired of how Riot Games became predictable about the look of its new champions. Although the latest characters ought different and interesting mechanical game, the developer had been sinning with them, always inging very similar appearances. Speaking especially of male champions, most of them arrived at Mob without a shirt, with Aphelion being the only exception rail until it is possible to add UDR’s Rework here, as his physical type is different from Hakan, Kay, Pike, One, Silas, Sett, Diego and Anshan.

The best new champion of recent years

Riot recently showed K’Santa’s official trailer and finally the community was able to view a complete image of his design, which the community loved. Born in Nkrumah, a shrimp desert region that does not obey the Empire, K’Santa wears a long t-shirt, covered by a beautiful decorated jacket, as well as long pants with knees and shoes that resemble boots. According to Riot, the champion’s robes are inspired by the clothes that are part of the culture of West Africa, which is interesting and important, as Riot doesn’t have many black champions or at least can be linked to this continent.

In addition to the look of K’Santa being very beautiful, he becomes a tip of hope for Riot to make shirtless champions less frequently and also for the developer to create more and more varied characters, as he did with super villain Renata Glass, the monstrous Be’veto or the not-so-stereotyped Rework of UDR.

It is obvious that LOL is still full of characters within the standard, such as Zero or Nil ah, but even they deviate from the norm in some way: having Philippine and Indian origins, respectively, for example.


In this way, the community should continue to press the developer so that different champions of those we already know are created.