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91 points on Metacritic: Rogue Legacy 2 is the next Xbox

If you are looking for a new highlight for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S or the PC for all the big blockbusters and great games from spring, then watch out! With Rogue Legacy 2, the next action cracker has appeared, according to international reviews. We want to tell you what the game is all about and what plus points are currently causing you.

  • Metacritic: 91 points, currently 9 reviews
  • OpenRitic: 89 points, currently 18 reviews

that does Rogue Legacy 2 so well

In order to get to a metacore of currently 91 points, a game has to do a lot, a lot. These are the aspects that are particularly praised in tests:

  • extremely rewarding combat system
  • precise and fun platforming
  • 15 various classes
  • varied areas
  • Fantastic cartoon look
  • Super motivating roguelike loop

Rogue Legacy 2 Review

Jordan Devere from the DestructoOoid side writes in his review:

From my few hours with the early access version, I knew that Rogue Legacy 2 would be great. However, I didn’t think that it would be one of the best games 2022 and one of my favorite roguelites.

You can see the launch trailer for the game here:

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that awaits you with Rogue Legacy 2

Like the very good debut from 2013, Rogue Legacy 2, as the name already reveals, is a classic roguelite. In the style of a 2D Jump & Runs, you plung about a knight into various, randomly generated biomes and chips everything that runs into you. If you die, it starts from the beginning again.

What is special about the action game – in addition to extremely varied classes and great boss fights- is the incredibly motivating gameplay loop. Thanks to collected resources from your run, you unlock new skills and bonuses step by step. In Rogue Legacy 2, this means that you are building a castle with many new dealers and buildings.

Suitable for: everyone who is looking for a playful challenge, but on the way always want to be rewarded and for the fun gameplay in a game. You shouldn’t expect an interesting story here.

Did you have Rogue Legacy 2 on the screen and access the great ratings?

The massive cards of Battlefield 2042 will be fully reworked

Battlefield 2042 had a difficult time. Before the game exit, it looked like a strength return for the multiplayer shooting game in many ways, but at launch, it did not quite keep its promises. Since then, fans express their concerns and frustrations. Fortunately, the developer Dice paid attention and announced his intention to make radical changes to game cards.

On the EA website, a new message explains in detail how the studio will improve the design of cards in response to community comments. The first point of contention concerns long walks from the appearance points to return to action. “While larger cards offer more game and freedom space, a side effect is that the gameplay is now more extensive, resulting in an overall increase in combat time when it is linked to reading the Objective, admits the developer, noting that some call 2042 a “walking simulator”. To remedy this, flags and appearance points will be moved to shorten these journeys.

Another common complaint is that the game can simply be too chaotic in some modes, such as breakthrough. With 128 players all in the running for unique goals, it can become overwhelming too easily. Dice seeks to reduce the number of players or reduce the number of vehicles available in Breakthrough to make it more enjoyable.

Players also believe that some cards are far too flat and open, which leads to a ridiculous line of sight for snipers and prevents you from hiding. The studio says he plans to “make sure there are more opportunities to hide from the enemy line of sight while crossing goal objective”.

Elsewhere, progress towards objectives is another area to improve, as is the amount of coverage available in a given space. The elements listed are quite significant changes, and a dice points out that they will not be changed quickly, requiring “a substantial development time”. Improvements will come card by card, Kaleidoscope being the first stop.

Always play in Battlefield 2042? Does all this seem good? Recharge in the comments section below.

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