CYBERPUNK 2077 Post the update 1.5, which coincides with the launch of the native versions for the new generation consoles. PS5 and Xbox Series X | S are reinforced with graphic improvements dedicated to squeezing your hardware. However, the patch incorporates improvements and corrections for all platforms where it is available.

Patch 1.5 from Cyberpunk 2077: Most outstanding improvements and changes

Exclusive improvements of the new generation

  • Added ray tracing in the local lighting of the shadows.
  • Added two graphic modes in PS5 and Xbox Series X: Ray and performance mode mode.
  • The Xbox Series S version hSeries no graphic modes. By default it goes to 30 fps with dynamic resolution of target 1440p.
  • Adjusted the HDR to achieve parity on all platforms.
  • Various improvements in visual quality.
  • Added activity letters in PS5.
  • Space sound support for helmets with 3D support on PS5 and on the speakers of televisions.
  • Implemented the use of adaptive triggers in the DualSense PS5 control.

Cyberpunk 2077 Just Got a 60GB New Update

Additional content

  • Introduced four additional apartments to rent.
  • Added the possibility to customize your apartment.
  • Added the possibility to personalize your character in the mirror of the apartments.
  • New weapons and accessories.

Improvements in the city

  • Multiple corrections and improvements in NPCs when combating body to body or remote. Now they react in a better way to your actions.
  • The companions will now support you more in combat.
  • Improvements in the reaction of the blows and in the death animations.
  • The NPCs on the street can be combated with you if you provoke them.
  • Jumps when skipping time now change the NPC status.


  • By keeping the accelerator and the brake you can rotate and modulate the position of the vehicle.
  • New braking system that allows a performance more consistent at all speeds.
  • Improved the behavior of the gearbox and the motor.
  • Motors have been improved in general lines.
  • Adjusted the first-person perspective of all the vehicles that needed adjustments.
  • Improved the behavior of traffic movement.
  • Added the reaction to danger. If you see a nearby danger your behavior will vary and now the pSeriessengers will be able to die on a shock.


  • Changes and adjustments in the economy, including increSerieses in the rewards of work and in open world activities.
  • Adjusted and improved the modifications of the clothes.
  • Difficulty ‘eSeriesy’ mode is now a bit more challenging.
  • Two new added statistics that replace evSeriesion: probability of mitigation and mitigation force.

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