It is no longer lacking anything for the world premiere of The Batman, and we had the opportunity to attend a press function a few days ago. Yes, the movie is as incredible as you expected, but do you have some kind of scene or post-scenes? Here we tell you if you can get out of time from the movie theater or if it will be necessary to stay a while longer.

Marvel settled this kind of scenes in his films, and since then, this trend has remained. At this point, we are used to all superhero films have a hidden scene after the first credits, but in the case of The Batman is not like that. The new thing about Matt Reeves has no post-scheduled scenes, so it will not be necessary for you to stay longer than the required.

And is that at the moment, Reeves I only wanted to focus on creating a movie that works quite well by itself, without the need to be part of an extensive cinematographic universe. In fact, The Batman will start its own universe alien to DCEU, and proof of this are the spin-off series of the penguin as well as the one of the Gothic city police focused on Jim Gordon

The Batman reaches cinemas the March 4, 2022.

The Cast of 'The Batman' on Matt Reeves's Vision for the Caped Crusader | Fandango All Access
Editor’s note: I think Reeves did well by focusing solely on wanting this solo story, because many times we have films that only serve as a step for other projects in the future. In this case we have a strong enough production to walk on its own, in addition to the fact that the final result was incredible.