New details related to an upcoming role -playing game that will be exclusive to Xbox Series X on a recent job list have been revealed. At the end of last year, we began to listen to reports on a new game of the developer Stoic Studio to which reference was made as Project Belfry. The information about this game was scarce, but since it came from the company behind _ the saga of the flag_ trilogy, there were much hope of what it could bring. Now, after a prolonged period of silence, it seems that we now know a little more about what this Xbox title will have reserved.

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As seen in a new list of work in Staic Studio for the role of systems designer, some new fragments of information related to this exclusive Xbox Series X not announced were joked. Specifically, this role described the project in question as one that would be in the RPG of Action genre and present several weapons and other equipment to obtain. A booty system was also mentioned in addition to the types of enemies that are said to climb. Other descriptions of this Xbox game were scarce, but it definitely seems that Stoic is doing something that could touch the sensitive fiber of many fans.

Probably, the most important question that surrounds the Belfry project has to do with its real announcement. As mentioned, Stoic and Xbox have not yet revealed this game in any capacity, which means that the general public is not even knowing that they are working on such a game. That said, this silence that surrounds the project could end up coming soon. Xbox has already announced that it will make an exhibition next month, on June 12, where it will announce a series of future Xbox Series X and PC games. As such, when that event ends up happening, perhaps we finally see Project Belfry presented to the world with an advance of debut.

What are your thoughts about Project Belfry so far depending on the limited details we have? And when do you think this game could be officially presented to the public? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter at @Mooreman12.