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Players are not happy with Cyberpunk 2077 in Xbox Series S

One of the largest proposals from Microsoft for this generation is the Xbox Series S. This console offers a new generation experience at a reduced price, although this means that the technical capabilities are not at the level of what we find in PS5 and Series X. Usually this is not an inconvenience, but it seems that on this occasion Fans of Cyberpunk 2077 are not happy with the way in which CD Projekt Red has treated the Series s.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the update 1.5 of cyberpunk 2077 is now available. Among all its novelties, this also means that a native version of this title has reached the new consoles. In PS5 and Xbox Series X we find several visual options, which provide 4K, 60fps and up to Ray-Tracing. However, This is not the case of SERIES S, where only you can enjoy the CD Projekt network work at 1440p and 30fps . This has caused the wrath of several players.

In social networks, several players have expressed their discontent with the way in which CD Projekt Red has handled the Xbox Series S version. ** Some have pointed out that more graphic options are needed, and others have mentioned that the Ray- Tracing if it can work on this console.

“Default Xbox Series S # graphic mode CYBERPUNK2077 is 30FPS 1440P with dynamic resolution

Damn it, this is not the next generation. “

Cyberpunk 2077 НА XBOX SERIES S СПУСТЯ 1 ГОД/ДЕНЬ РОЖДЕНИЯ Cyberpunk/Cyberpunk в 2021 ГОДУ

“I’m not comparing the resolution with the X series, I’m not asking a dynamic 2K, 3K or 4K with 60 fps or anything like that, it’s just 1080p 60 fps, that’s the standard, even valhalla, far cry, odyssey It works well”.

These comments are added to a similar controversy with dying light 2, which only offered 30fps in the Xbox Series S version. However, it is important to remember that compromising the technical section for cyberpunk 2077 run into less hardware Powerful was what caused the terrible launch of the game by 2020.

On related topics, a demo of cyberpunk 2077 has come to consoles. Similarly, users of PS5 report problems with the update of this game.

Editor’s note:

I can understand the frustration of the players, since the Xbox Series s is able to run games at 60FPS and with Ray-Tracing, although with a series of limitations, but it seems that CD Projekt network wants to focus more on a stable experience than in another thing.

“Cyberpunk 2077” Large free update delivery start to add and adjust a large number of elements. Next generation machines and trial versions also appear

CD ProJekt RED broadcasts a program “RedStreams” that delivers the latest information of “ Cyberpunk 2077 ” on February 16. Among these, we announced that the PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X | S version of this work will be delivered from today. Free upgrades from PS4 / Xbox ONE version are also provided. Furthermore, the trial version for PS5 / XBOX Series X | S is started for a 30-day period of time.

In line with this, patch 1.5 will be delivered, including PS4 / Xbox ONE version. In the broadcast, the contents were also introduced.

PS5 / XBOX Series X | S version corresponds to 4K resolution by ray tracing and dynamic scaling. In addition, speeding up of load time has also been realized. And the PS5 / XBOX Series X version has “Performance Mode” and “Ray Tracing Mode” for the setting, and in performance mode, it can be played at 60 fps / dynamic 4K. In one ray tracing mode, 30 fps / dynamic 4 k, the shadow and reflection will be rendered realistically. There is no mode selection for the Xbox Series S version, and 30 fps and dynamic scaling.

Besides this, in the PS5 version, DualSense Adaptive Trigger Haptic Feedback Controller Built-in Speaker and Tempest 3D Audio. For example, the audio of any action that occurs in Holo Cones and V Headers will sound from the built-in speaker.

  • PS5 version game play video

As additional content in patch 1.5, an apartment that can be used as an own room is first added to Japan Town and the like. Visit the location directly or purchase when you access “EZ Eteste” from PC PC. Depending on the room, not only the design but also the guitar, and the thing that can be interlaced, such as the incense. Note that the item of the storage is shared in all the rooms.

Also, the megabiling can be made to be able to be replaced. Some total coordinated themes are prepared and selecting from them. This function is not available in the additional rooms described above. In addition, it is only to the megabiling’s own room to meet the cat’s nibbles.

In the mirror of the room and the safe house, part of the appearance of V, such as hairstyle, makeup, and piercing, can be changed. There is no cost. The skeleton can not be changed in the mirror. In addition, new weapons are added. Furthermore, when the quest “time earning” is finished, Wilson’s weaponer starts sale. Also, Johnny pose was added for the photo mode.

  • Xbox Series X Version Gameplay Video

The contents of patch 1.5 are otherwise otherwise adjusted. Details are reset all park points by this adjustment as you check the patch notes. Don’t forget to revive points. It is also good to allocate to another park before updating.

Improvement of NPC’s AI was also performed. For example, enemies can use the shield effectively or blocks and avoid attacks. Also, not only runs away when the general public is attacked, but it is likely to fight back if it is armed. In addition, the aggressive behavior of these AIs is not implemented in the PS4 / Xbox ONE version. It seems that machine power is required.

In addition, rewards for requests and open world activities increased. On the other hand, price reductions are made for the price of vehicles and cyberware. Adjustment of such an economic economy is also implemented.

Besides this, it also implemented the improvement of the time change UI, improving the behavior of the car, the behavior of the bike, and coordination of weapon balance and function. Benchmark mode has also been added to the PC version. Please check the official site’s patch note for more detailed updates.

Xbox Series X UPGRADES Cyberpunk 2077! | SuperShow #10
“Cyberpunk 2077” is sold for PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. Please check this support page for the transition of save data from PS4 to PS5.

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