The same six changes took PSG-Coach Mauricio Pochettino compared to the 1-0 success against Real Madrid in the 16th Final First Game of the Champions League. Neymar was for the first time since his injury suffered at the end of November again in the starting elf – together with MBappé and Messi.

The pyro-fog in La Beaujoire had not completely warped, the outsider already led. After double double pass with the lively Simon overwall Kolo Muani PSG goalkeeper Navas with the external period (4.). It was the starting signal to a wild first half, at the end of which it could have been 5: 5.

Messi could actually have to achieve the balance, but failed freely before Lafont (8.). It should not be the last time that a PSG actor desperate to Nantes’ goalkeeper this evening.

Instead, the Underdog laid – and how! The 19-year-old Merlin scored his first goal in Ligue 1 (16th) with a fulminant shot in the angle. Kolo Muani would almost have stipped a third hit (18th).

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN - FC NANTES (3 - 1) - Highlights - (PSG - FCN) / 2021-2022

Goalkeeper Lafont drives the PSG stars for despair

Meanwhile, the PSG stars desperate Lafont, who also retained the upper hand against Mbappé (18th), Gueye (26th) and Neymar (28th). On the other hand, the wild back and forth also had Nava’s against Simon (29.).

Shortly before the break, the Var switched on twice. Both times rightly – and at each indepiaries of PSG. First, the red card against Appiah was corrected for yellow due to supposed emergency brake (45. + 1), then there was a video view commercial for Nantes, after Wijnaldum Castelletto’s header had initially blocked with the arm. Blas turned (45. + 6) and brought Nantes a barely held 3: 0 pause guide.

Neymar heralds the catch-up hunt – and then brakes it out again

Shortly after the change, Neymar shortened to 1: 3 (47) after passing Messi. And maybe the househohe favorite would actually have ushered in a successful catch-up hunt when the Brazilian had shortened by the penalty point after just under an hour. But his pitiful attempt fing Lafont. MBAPPÉ also a great opportunity for 2: 3, as he completely detached from the goal of the goal of the goal (74.).

In the final phase, Nantes could hardly provide relief, but hardly relyed in danger. Thus, PSG conceded the second league defeat of the season, at the same time the first since the beginning of October and last 15 unbeaten league appearances. The lead at the top still remains double-digit – while Nantes may dream of the unexpected success of Europe.