One of the challenges of fortnite this week is to search 100 chests. It is a strange challenge, rewarding 80,000 XP instead of the usual 35,000. It is also a very long and endless quest that seems to sow confusion in people. The reason is indicated “REC 4 players” next to it.

Some people do not read it properly, which means that it takes four players to finish it. We have even seen some youtubers claim to have information on a series of quests that can only be carried out in the squads that come to the game. This, to our knowledge, is not at all true, for a simple reason. You don’t need four players at all to finish this challenge, and you don’t need to play in a squad so that the game has all the chests you are looking for for this challenge.

You can very well finish this challenge in Solos. “Rec: 4 players” does not mean that four players are necessary, it simply means that Epic lets you know that they recommend having four players to do this quickly. If you play in a team, any trunk sought by a member of the team will count, but in Solos, you will have to look for them all yourself. Here, there is no real cause of confusion on this subject, and Epic does not force you to play squads.

Search Chests (0/100) Rec 4 Players - Fortnite Challenge Guide

The chests sought anywhere on the map will count, in solos, duos or squads. Obviously, you have to find a good balance between landing on areas with many chests and not having to fight other players endlessly about them, but we suggest you play your games as you would normally and that will not take you long to finish it..

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