League of Legends has always been full of extremely difficult plays of getting and hugely fun moments that have left more than one smile to the most regular users of the riot Games. And is that when we see a one for five or a base race, we always stayed with your mouth open seeing how you can squeeze your character as much as possible next to the resources that gives you the game’s own map. But this time we will talk about a case totally opposed to what we are used to seeing , since this player’s bad luck is quite above average.

How 2 Tryndamere
He has been the Reddit User “42Mavericks” manager sharing the unfortunate play of him with Tryndamere . I put yourself in a situation: the game was about to end up for the blue team, since the Red Team only had the nexus on foot. While the blue team was performing a group fight, King Barbaro tried Perform the best _backdoor of his life , burning even the flash to end the game at last. But as a YouTuber would say in 2016, You will not believe what happens next

Tryndamere began to burst the base little by little while his team at him tried to make time so that he could destroy once and for all the rival nexus. He would end up dying, but everything indicated that King Bárbaro had only one blow to finich the game. But unfortunately and surprise of all, one of the sources would begin to regenerate , causing that in the absence of a single blow the nexus was alive. Thus, the red team would end up with the player who tried to do the _backdoor, confirming the enormous bad luck he has had throughout this game .