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GTA 6 Insider gives Grand Theft fans auto launch information

After announcing grand theft auto vi earlier this year, Rockstar said Zip about the game, which is presumably in development for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and possibly also for PC. According to some rumors of different sources, this will change this year with a revelation trailer. Until this happens, there are new speculations about when the game could be launched, courtesy of Tom Henderson a prominent member of the industry and filter that has shown to have good information about the long-awaited game in the past.

On Twitter, Henderson transmits words that he expects the game to launch between 2024 and 2025, which aligns with what we have heard here and there. We have always heard 2024, with the warning that a delay in 2025 is a real possibility thanks to previous development problems due to the pandemic and the potential of more. We also hear that the game could be positioned for a launch in 2023 with the internal intention to be sent in 2024.

Unfortunately, this is the scope we have heard about when the game will be released and seems to be the scope of what Henderson has heard, since it is all he has said about the matter. As for what Rockstar Games has said above all this, well, he has not said anything and it is unlikely that this changes, since he never comments on rumors and speculation. That said, if for some reason this expectation fades and resonates, we will update the story accordingly.

Grand Theft Auto Vi is currently under development at Rockstar Games. There is no official word of an launch date or launch window, or platforms. In fact, the game has not yet presented. Until this happens, be sure to catch up with the latest rumors, leaks and speculations related to the title by clicking here.

GTA dream ends up being real: Superstar sets talented follower

It is an absolute dream for several GTA followers: work for Rockstar Games the following collection component. A gifted GTA player currently shows that he can additionally come true-because he was hired by the programmers, for excellent reason.

GTA V: Superstar has another employee

The Open World game GTA 5 is among the most played video games on the planet, yet or due to that, Rockstar Games is currently dealing with GTA 6. A fan is now component of this group .

Reddit individual Deejayjeanp, Also known as Reasoning Films, has been creating spectacular videos for a long period of time, including GTA 5. Rockstar Games, has actually undoubtedly ended up being conscious of him as well as is evidently so satisfied that they have actually now set the designer of the video clips .

He welcomes you to follow his Twitter or Instagram account @deejayjeanp if you desire to follow his job at Rockstar Games **.

When GTA 6 will be launched is not yet recognized. Certainly we maintain you up to day.


In one of the most current Reddit contribution by U/Deejayjeanp, he does not reveal a video clip, yet specifically his packed luggage.

GTA V: price, exit date and new jackets for PS5 and Xbox Series versions

GTA 5 PS5/Xbox Series X - NEW TRAILER! Online Character Transfers, FREE Playstation Plus & MORE!

Available since March 15 in digital version, the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions will obviously land physically, Rockstar Games had already communicated on it. If you knew it was necessary to wait until April to get his hands on it, the star studio had not given an exact date. It is now done thanks to the FNAC, which has just put online the technical sheet, screenshots, the selling price but also the new jackets. Whether on PS5 or Xbox Series, this GTA V NEXT GEN ‘will be marketed € 39.99, the initial price requested on online shops, excluding promotional. Rockstar Games has taken care of making some modifications on the jacket, history that it stands out from others. If the illustration itself is similar, there is a background of another color, a light brown, which slides with the usual black. It’s obviously not much, but collectors to the-soutist will not hesitate to add it to their Galming Room. Otherwise, for the release, it is about April 12, 2022, in a small week when we write these lines.

How to get GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X

The iconic open world of Rockstar is still one of the most popular games in the world more than a decade since its launch, but now there are even more reasons to return and play it after the launch of a new and improved version. Here is How to get GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X If you plan to do exactly that.

The first thing you should understand about GTA 5 in PS5 and X | S Series is that it is not really an update in the conventional sense. Instead, it is actually a separate product from the base version of PS4 / Xbox One on your hard drive that you must buy and install.

For that reason, you will not find any type of update option in the original game menu.

Get the new versions of GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

The only way to get the improved version is to visit the store of any platform in which you want to play and buy it from there. It is available for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles of the current generation, including PS5, Xbox Series X | s.

Keep in mind that the new version has a discount from the launch until June 14. The PS5 GTA online package is available to play for free for three months after the launch of the game (requires subscription to PS Plus).

How to transfer the game saved to GTA V in PS5 and Series X

You can transfer the online campaign and progress from your previous game to the new enhanced package so you do not have to start all your adventure again. This is solved through the functionality of the Rockstar Games Cloud store; You only need to pause the game, go to the game option and then click on ‘Load saved game’.

That should give you everything you need to know about How to get GTA V in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S . To get more tips and guides useful about the game, you are already in the right place here at Rockstar Games.

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GTA 5: Online character and score on next

In our GTA-5 Guide you will learn:

  • How to transfer your character from GTA online to PS5 or Xbox Series X / S
  • How to take your singleplayer score to the Next-Gen consoles
  • Whether CrossSplay is possible between load and Next gene

More than seven years after its original release, GTA 5 will now appear at the third console generation now, the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S . So you do not have to start from scratch, you can transfer your online character and story score.

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Can I transfer my Xbox one score to the PS5?

Yes, GTA 5 offers the opportunity to transfer the character of a last gene console to a Next-Gen console of your choice. For example, those who played during the last console generation on the Xbox One, but now switched to a PS5, can transfer his score and online character from the Xbox One to the PS5. You have the following options:

  • PS4 on PS5
  • PS4 on Xbox Series X / S
  • Xbox One on Xbox Series X / S
  • Xbox One on PS5

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GTA 5: Singleplayer game level on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S Transfer

Important : You must have the Xbox-One or PS4 version installed to transfer your singleplayer game level to the Xbox Series X / S or PlayStation 5.

Transfer Your GTA Online Character To NEXT-GEN Without Deleting It On OLD-GEN? (EXPANDED & ENHANCED)
To transfer your story mode progress from GTA 5 to a Next-Gen console, it also requires an account for the Rockstar Games Social Club. If you do not own any, you can log in to the linked website with your Xbox or PlayStation account and create one.

Then start the Singleplayer mode of the Xbox-One or PS4 version of GTA 5. Opens the pause menu, goes to the “Game” tab and select the item “Upload the score” . Here you can choose one of your playing stands and upload. Caution: That works only with a single score.

As soon as the message “Upload Score – Your Score has been successfully uploaded. You can download your game level when you start Grand Theft Auto 5 on your Latest Gen platform. ” Appears, you can stop GTA 5 again .

Then start the PS5 or Xbox-Series-X / S version of GTA 5 and selects Singleplayer mode. In the pause menu you can download UP Game> Score _euer uploaded Savegame and continue there where you have stopped on the Last Gene Console.

Caution : Your singleplayer score is stored a maximum of 90 days online. So you have to transfer it to the new console within 90 days.

GTA Online: Character Transfer – That’s how it works

Also for the transfer of your GTA-online character you need an account at the Rockstar Games Social Club. However, you do not have to upload your character yourself because your data is automatically saved in the cloud if you are connected to the Rockstar Games Social Club.

Starts the Next Gen version of GTA 5 and selects the Multiplayer mode . GTA Online automatically detects your old character and leads you step by step through the character transfer. Consider that you can only play your character after this transmission on the Next-Gen console – it is no longer available on Xbox One or PS4.

GTA Online: What is all transferred?

  • Characters
  • GTA $
  • Game progress
  • Statistics
  • Vehicles
  • Real estate
  • Weapons
  • Clothes
  • Himself created jobs

Caution : Have you bought GTA $ for real money, you can only transfer them to the next generation within a platform – should be called PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One on Xbox Series X / s.

Is CrossSplay possible between load and Next gene?

No, CrossSplay between the old and new console generation is not possible . If you want to play GTA online with your friends, you have to decide for a platform.

Can I transfer my PC character to PS5 or Xbox Series X / S?

For PC players who want to switch to a Next-Gen console, we unfortunately have bad news. Online characters from the PC version can not be transferred to a Next-Gen console, as Rockstar is announced via Twitter.

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The details of Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online PS5 and Xbox Series X are revealed

GTA 5 & Online: Next-gen Features Revealed - IGN Daily Fix
With the launches of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S of GTA V and GTA online only missing a couple of days, Rockstar Games shared this week some new details about these games and how they will be played in the current generation of consoles. Some performance details had previously been shared with GTA players anticipating faster loading times and similar upgrades from the current generation, but there is also more to wait.

In GTA V, one of the most remarkable details is that you will not have one but three graphic configurations to choose from. The first of them is the Fidelity mode, which aims at 30 FPS in exchange for a 4K resolution with improved rays and 4K in Xbox SERIES S. Performance mode has a target 60 fps with improved 4K resolution both in PlayStation 5 As in Xbox Series X with Xbox Series S functioning at 1080p. Those are the usual options in other games, but GTA V also offers «Performance RT», a mode that supports 4K and 60Fps improved with qualified-ray trace.

Rockstar reiterated the inclusion of faster loading times and environmental changes such as different traffic patterns, better light and more detailed effects, including explosions and fires. The game will also take advantage of the DualSense controller of PlayStation 5 with Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback enabled.

As for GTA online, Rockstar recalled players The HAO special job function that will be part of the Saints Car Meet, where players can access vehicle improvements and new races. There is also a “career creator” feature where players can start again and get a gTA $ 4,000,000 automatic to start with purchases from their new character. An updated introduction and tutorial, as well as a renewed menu that allows you to skip directly to events and activities, should be a welcome feature for those who have not played online before or have not played it in a while And they need a review..

For those who have been playing and ready to continue doing it with all these functions enabled in the newer consoles, they will be able to easily transfer their progress from the previous generation to the current one, regardless of whether it is GTA V or GTA online that you are playing. This is done through the social club of Rockstar Games, so create an account if you do not have one, and it is a unique treatment, so you can not transfer your data again later.

GTA V and GTA online will arrive at PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S on March 15.

GTA 5 SAVE Transfer for PS4 on PS5 and Xbox One on Xbox Series X

GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S is almost there and Rockstar Games offers players the opportunity to transfer their progress to the latest versions of the game.

This means that your Story progress in Gran Theft Auto 5 can be transferred to the latest consoles, so you do not have to start the mammoth open-world game again from scratch. But how do you proceed when transferring your GTA 5-story progress and you can switch between consoles of the current generation and recent generation consoles?

Well, Rockstar has described everything in detail Memory transfer from GTA 5 from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One on Xbox Series X | S and how to transfer your dozens of progress and final hours to the “advanced and improved” version of the game be able. It is not clear if things such as statistics are transferred in the game or progress of trophies and successes. However, we will keep this guide up to date with the latest information.

GTA 5 Memory transfer for PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One on Xbox Series X | S

To a GTA 5 Memory transfer from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One on Xbox Series X | S you will need Charge your memory data in the Rockstar Games Social Club high . The following steps from there are as follows for a transfer of GTA 5 memory levels from PS4 to PS5 and a transfer of GTA 5 memory states from Xbox One to Xbox Series X | S:

  • Enter Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 or Xbox One


  • Go to the game tab
  • Here you will see the option to upload your saved file

There are some reservations at this upgrade. Once uploaded memory data remain downloadable only for 90 days. This memory transfer can also be performed simultaneously only with a score per platform, and the memory data can only be transmitted once.

In addition, you can not transfer your memory data back to PS4 or Xbox ONE. Once you have moved to PS5 or Xbox Series X | S, stay there until you delete them or continue there where they have stopped. These stored transfers are live now.

So you have it. How to transfer the transfer of GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and you can still start today! Further information about GTA 5 can be found under so earn money in GTA Online, which will appear as an independent publication on March 15th. This memory transfer process is also transferred to GTA online if you want to get in MP.

GTA V: First images and information on NEXT GEN PS5 and Xbox Series x versions X

The week ends quietly and Rockstar Games judged the perfect timing to communicate around Next Gen ‘versions of his GTA V, whose exit is dangerously closer. Well, it’s in 15 days that these re-published versions will land on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and we were strangely without news. But as everyone knows, everything comes to who can wait and we now know that the title will land with several graphic options, ray-tracing obviously included. Like all the blockbusters of the moment, GTA 5 Next Gen ‘will be playable under three different configurations, one will choose according to the gear that we have at home. There is to start the “fidelity” mode, which offers 4K native, from Ray-Tracing, but a blocked frame-rate at 30fps. Those who swear by the Sacro-Saint 60fps will throw their devoku on the “performance” mode, but will have to settle for a dynamic 4K and no ray-tracing, knowing that on Xbox Series S, the display will be shred in 1080p. Finally, remains the “Performance RT” mode, reserved only for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X for a dynamic 4K display, 60fps and the very present ray-tracing.

  • FIDELY MODE : 4K native, 30fps, no ray-tracing (4K upscaped on Xbox Series S)
  • Performance mode : 4K dynamic, 60fps, ray-tracing disabled. (1080p on Xbox Series S)
  • Performance mode RT (exclusively on PS5 and Xbox Series X): 4K dynamic, 60fps, ray-tracing activated.

GTA 5 and GTA Online: PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Versions Get March Release Date - IGN Now

But that’s not all, other global improvements are planned, such as significantly faster loading times thanks to the famous magical SSD, a density, a variety and more traffic in cities, more vegetation, Better management in the treatment of shadows and lighting, improved water reflections, better anti-aliasing, more realistic explosions with improved and more detailed effects, better management of blur in movements, in short, from Beautiful promises that suggest that these Next Gen versions will be even more successful. From there to think that the level achieved by PC modders will be achieved, we are not sure, but nothing is impossible with Rockstar Games, you know it well.

Another important detail, PS5 players will of course benefit from the features offered by the dualsense, with adaptive triggers and haptic returns that have been applied to collisions, different soil surfaces, explosions, but also the weather conditions. There is also the management of the 3D audio for a better immersion, while GTA Online will benefit from full vehicle bonuses and the introduction of Hao’s Special Works, which is a workshop that offers the best upgrades of vehicles From Los Santos, knowing that new races will also be added through this. And of course, with 160 million GTA V already sold worldwide, Rockstar Games has decided that it will be possible to transfer its progression of history mode and its $ GTA between PS4 / Xbox One and PS5 / Xbox Series X versions | S, knowing that only one migration is possible. Another asterisk that is important: players will not be able to transfer their GTA $ purchased only during the migration of the PS4 to the PS5, or Xbox One to the Xbox Series X | s. That’s it, you know everything.

Grand Theft Auto V: Thats how Story progress and online

On March 15, 2022 Grand Theft Auto V appears for the current console generation. Before the gates from Los Santos also open on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Rockstar Games announced information about migrating the progress from the story or the online characters.

Rockstar Games will therefore offer players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 once a one-time migration, where your progress from the story and your GTA characters can be transferred to Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 or between the console platforms.

The transfer can already be made immediately. To do this, you have to upload a store level in the Rockstar Games Social Club. The process can be triggered via the pause menu and the “Games” tab. You can save only one score per platform. This will be available for download 90 days.

If your Grand Theft Auto V starts on the new console from 15 March, you can transfer your GTA online character progress to Xbox Series X | S or PlayStation 5 with a Rockstar Games Social Club Account. This process migrates characters, GTA, progress, statistics, vehicles, properties, weapons, clothing and players created by the player.

At the GTA $ you should note that only purchased GTA $ can be transferred between platforms of the same family. So from Xbox One to Xbox Series X | S or PS4 to PS5. That does not apply to GTA $. These will be transmitted independently.

GTA V Transfer Story Mode Progress and GTA Online Profile Migration Info via PS5 Xbox Series X|S
Digital pre-orders and the pre-load of Grand Theft Auto V starts on 08 March 2022. The trading version is only available in April 2022.

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