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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Diablo

With such a small number, a pact with the evil one may have to be received: only 100 copies of the Diablo-immortal variant of the mobile phone Galaxy S22 Ultra offers Samsung. In keeping with the game, there are some goodies like a leather computer mouse pad as well as a map.

Diablo Immortal: Special version of the Galaxy S22 Ultra

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It is worth taking an appearance at the Diablo-immortal variation, which is offered with some bonus to match the video game . The Galaxy S22 Diablo Immortal Package has a Galaxy S22 Ultra, a larger wood box, a computer mouse pad constructed from leather, a map, a lenticular cover, an unique cellular phone situation, a cordless loading pad, a battlecoin voucher card and also Spigen-Grip-Talk-Accesories.

Quickly after the beginning of Diablo Immortal, Samsung announced an extremely unique edition of his flagship smart device Galaxy S22 Ultra. If you intend to acquire this, you need to be great for you: just 100 duplicates of the unique mobile phone are available. Yet it gets back at extra hard since the smart device is only readily available in a single purchasing center-in South Korea.

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So far, Samsung has kept an essential information. It is not yet clear just how much the team wishes to have for the Diablo immortal package with a cell ph1. That need to just change on June 10 when the plan begins the market (resource: Android Authority).

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Diablo Immortal: Is it going on the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

Quickly after the start of Diablo Immortal, Samsung introduced a very special edition of his flagship smart device Galaxy S22 Ultra. A couple of days ago, it became recognized that Diablo Immortal had its troubles with Samsung cell phones. The Galaxy S22 Ultra does not show up in the checklist of mobile phones. The smartphone consisted of in the Diablo immortal package need to not be afflicted by visuals problems anyhow **, given that it is the South Korean variation of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra does not appear in the list of cellphones. The smart device contained in the Diablo immortal package ought to not be afflicted by visuals problems anyway **, considering that it is the South Oriental variant of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. There is no exlynos processor below, however a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

A few days ago, it came to be recognized that Diablo Immortal had its problems with Samsung mobile ph1. Manufacturer Blizzard has actually currently announced that they wish to care for the troubles. The Exynos processor from Samsung is claimed to be at fault.

Last years smartphone shipments, the first increase in 5 years

The world’s smartphone shipments increased for the first time in five years.

The world’s smartphone shipments, which had not been able to decline since 2017, have increased by 5% in the past year, and the Techk Launch reported a major market research company such as counter points and IDC.

The counterpoints aggregated that the shipments of smartphone shipments increased by 4% last year. Another market researcher IDC said smartphone shipment growth rate of 5.7%.

In particular, smartphone makers have been analyzing that smartphone shipments have been visible to the increase in smartphone shipments, even though they have caused large disrupts to the supply chain,

In particular, IDC said, “If it would have been a much higher growth rate than 5.7%,” if there was no supply chain problem, “said,” I showed that the smartphone demand for smartphone, which was accompanied, “he said.

It was Samsung Electronics and Apple, who led smartphone growth. All of the counter points and IDCs have been aggregated with Samsung’s last year’s smartphone shipments.

The counterpoints have been aggregated by Samsung to shipment of 240 million units of smart phones last year. On the other hand, IDC analyzed that Samsung had 20.1% of the market share, while Samsung has shipped 200 million units. This share of this share is 0.1% p compared to 20%.

Apple had more remarkable growth. The IDC has been aggregated with 17.4% of the market share while Apple shipments of W235.70 million in iPhone last year. Apple, especially, compared to the previous year, the iPhone shipments increased by 15.9%, and the second place was established.

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Apple gave strength to the market research results at the 27th anniversary. Apple said that the iPhone-related sales has increased by $ 71633,000 and 9% from the previous year.

Team Cook The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) immediately after the earnings announcement, “The supply chain problem is still engaged in the conference call, but recently, this problem has been resolved a little.”

By region, China was a big hit as a significant problem in China, and the United States and Indian markets have been growing.

The counter point was analyzed that the increase in US smartphone demand was Apple’s first 5G phones, iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 attracted a great popularity during the Black Friday and the US New Year season.

India has also increased its smartphone shipments due to high replacement demand.

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