Some users of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were ready to get a new function today, but it seems that it was delayed unexpectedly in the last second. Today a new Alpha Skip-Ahead Xbox Insider update was launched on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. And originally, the update was going to introduce the ability to “fix” up to two games in Quick summarizes that they would not be affected by what others Games released afterwards. On orders, they would always be anchored to Quick summarize unless manually or until the game is updated. The official Xbox website announced that this function would be launched today, but quickly retracted and delayed the function for the “future”. Of course, if the function is not yet available for Xbox Insiders, it probably means that there are missing months and months to launch the general public.

«Hi Alpha Skip-Ahead Xbox Insiders, sorry for the confusion, but it seems that the new function will not be available with today’s update, but it will come with a future update,” said Xbox Insiders Twitter’s official account in a retraction. «Be attentive to the notes of the version to know when the function will be available».

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Of course, if Xbox provides more updates on the launch of the function or any idea why it has been delayed, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, to obtain more coverage especially with Xbox, including not only the latest official news, but also the latest non-official news, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here or, alternatively, take a look at the relevant links and recent that are listed below. :

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