Also, 2022 it will again be a challenge of getting one of the coveted Next gene consoles . Because whether you are looking for a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series: the combination of pandemic-conditioned delivery difficulties, the chip scarcity and the greedy scalpers makes the technical wound Cheney still for lack of defects .

But though both consoles are selling as cut bread, Sony has so far clearly the nose. In 2022, nothing should change, as an analyst announces by the London Market Research Institute Ampere Analysis. Piers Harding Rolls, so the name of the analyst, sees the PS5 (Buy Now €845,00) also further in front of the Xbox. Top runners is another one.

Unique winner in the console war

How hard ring rolls in a video published by Ampere Analysis explains on Twitter, the competition between Sony and Microsoft in terms of sold consoles has a clear winner: It looks like the availability of the PlayStation 5- and Xbox Series consoles will slowly get better over the year and according to our expectations Sony Microsoft will beat two at the sales figures.


He predicts that the Xbox will sell around nine million times , while Sony comes to the double number . Nintendo’s hybrid console, on the other hand, strikes both hard ring rolls: But the most successful console on the market in terms of sales will be the Nintendo Switch with 21 million units and that is also boosted by the demand for the new Nintendo Switch OLED.

The fact is that all three consoles would probably sell even better if you could actually meet demand. Once the chip scarcity and the restricted console production does not seem to tear off. Whether Microsoft has to worry about the success of the Xbox after the purchase of Activision Blizzard around the success of the Xbox, however, it seems questionable.