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The initial mafia is completely free on Steam momentarily

The Mafia series is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. In the meanwhile, the series includes three different titles, along with definitive versions for all video games that act as a type of remaster. The series was able to build an actual fan base over the years, but also for lots of gamers the very first mafia still remains the absolute fave.

Mafia protect free of charge on Steam

If you have actually not yet had the ability to play this fan favorite, after that 2K has a respectable offer for you: from September 1st to September 5th of this year you can obtain the initial mafia on Steam totally free. Normally the title costs 9.99 euros, and if you intend to think the roughly 6,000 user evaluations on Steam, it is constantly worth this cost. Nobody must miss out on the game entirely free of charge.

In enhancement to the initial mafia, there are currently some a lot more free video games for you on Steam. For instance, a prolonged free weekend for Age of Realms 4, along with a free advocate Battle Dust of Raptor Laboratory runs. We have summarized what else there is and also just how you can secure the deals for you in a separate article.

For the 20th birthday of the Mafia series, 2K has a couple of more things in store. For instance, a competition is presently underway, in which you can win the original score to Mafia 3 as plastic. All you need to do is share a tweet of 2K with the linked hashtag. All policies for the competitors are additionally included in the tweet. In enhancement, 2K revealed in a current interview that function on a totally new mafia video game started. Far, nevertheless, they have actually not been able to share even more information.

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The Mafia series is celebrating its 20th birthday celebration this year. The series was able to construct a genuine follower base over the years, however for numerous players the extremely first mafia still continues to be the absolute favorite.

For the 20th birthday celebration of the Mafia series, 2K has a few more things in store.

The first World War World World Trencher AD Infinitum will be released on April 20, 2023. Trauma on the battlefield that is distorted and revived, escapes from the monster in the trench


Nacon announced on July 8 that it will release AD Infinitum on April 20, 2023. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Ad Infinitum is a first-person survival horror game. The protagonist is a German soldier who has returned from World War I. He has trauma in the trench in the battlefield, and is struggling with the hallucination of terrible monsters every night. In this work, his conflict to keep his sanity, aiming to release from trauma, is drawn.

In game play, it is necessary to pass a fearless monster with stealth. In addition, in-game stages and equipment, it seems that they are faithfully drawn based on the settings. It is said that mystery solving elements in accordance with the times have appeared, making it a chewy content. Also, depending on the choice of the player, the game world will change dramatically. The newly released trailer allows you to check the imminent gameplay that continues to escape from the monster in the trench and the stage drawn with beautiful graphics. It is likely that equipment such as firearms and gas masks will be used.

This work was originally announced in 2015, but it was revealed that the follow-up was cut off and the developer was closed. However, the former staff reported that the project continued. In 2021, it was revealed that German-based Studio HEKATE was in charge of development and will be sold by Nacon. It seems that this work, which had many twists and turns, has come to the outlook for the release date.

AD Infinitum will be released on April 20, 2023 for PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

The open world survival THE PLANET CRAFTER is like Sub Noteka. Fuga on the battlefield was good as an SRPG. Steam sale with Steam Deck. This weeks gaming

Now Gaming is a corner where you write the game that each writer plays that week every Sunday. This is the 342nd time. Premonition of intense heat.

First summer sale

This week, Steam Summer Sale started. Personally, this is the first large sale since I got Steam Deck. The color of the game and the purchase of the game were usually done only on the PC, so I tried the Steam Deck store on this occasion. The store can be accessed by calling the menu with the Steam button. The URL is displayed, so it looks like a web browser is used.

By default, the DECK operation comfortably category, which is lined up only with compatibility, is displayed. If you move to Store Home, you can view other titles. There is no particular inconvenience, but after all, it is the same UX that is the same as browsing on a PC. I felt it was a portable game console, but I couldn’t think of a strange idea before a huge game. On the other hand, there is no compatibility information on the store or individual pages, and it is not possible to determine whether it can be operated at least.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka

Fun to change the rough earth with your own hands

Play because the open world survival craft THE PLANET CRAFTER, which I have been worried about for a long time, was on sale. The place where the enemy is thrown is a barren earth just because the enemy does not come out, it is given a simple tutorial. It was a simplicity that I was worried about, I’m okay, it’s okay, but when I drop my feet on the ground, the simplicity stimulates the innocent curiosity. Collect materials on rough lands, build a base, and make an oxygen generator. As we did so, we cleared the first stage of the main goal, Terra Forming. The sky over the red earth turns into a blue sky.

Each time you upgrade the equipment, you can gradually go out. The adventurous spirit comes up, What is there at the end of that hill? At first, the red color of the barren land may feel stronger, but this is also the game of the game. The blue sky is exceptional, which you can see at the end of the terrain.

The world saves can be made anytime, and the enemy does not come out, so there is no busyness. The ease of gaps can be done even in the gap time. In a near-game game, I feel that there are many points that go to Sub-Nortica. The degree of freedom and simplicity, that is important. By the way, next time, I will sprout life on the earth.
by. Mayo kawano

Half body continuous murder case

This week, I’m playing the Steam version of AI: Somnium File Nilvana Inisiative. The title is very long, but this work is a sequel to AI: Somnium File. The center of this work is a bizarre serial murder where the body is divided into two in the middle line for some reason. At the beginning of the story, an incident occurred one after another, starting with half the corpse that suddenly appeared in the live distribution studio. Rumors that if you solve the hidden encryption, you will be missing, and research on immortality. Secret organization and simulation hypothesis also appeared. Mizuki, who was an elementary school student in the previous work, a young man with a slightly unstable mental side, and two people with a different time axis, pursued the mystery of a half-body murder case.

As a game, the story progresses in the real world investigation and the somnium part peeking into the reference person’s head. The incident is drawn while interweaving light blur and lower material everywhere. This area is common to the previous work. However, the Somnium part is easier to understand the regularity than the previous work, improving the ease of play. Supplements by partner AI have evolved in a proper sequel, such as flowing at the top of the screen and playing a little mini-game. Regarding the important scenario, it is still the beginning of the story, so I can not say anything, but it is only drawn into the deep mystery and the charm of characters. I was worried because I liked the previous work quite a bit, but for now it is an impression that I can play as expected.
by. Keiichi yokoyama

The contribution of the sound effects of the battle is also huge

I cleared Fuga on the battlefield late. It was pretty good. A chemono SRPG that advances in the life part and battle part with resource management. In the early stages, the difficulty level is extremely high. You can select a route, so you can proceed on a simple route, but only those who are difficult. I went on a dangerous road and piled up in a half-packed state, but recently I played from one day. I was able to get through the raging road in the early stages, so I cleared it as it was.

It looks like a rogue light, but it’s a bit different because it’s severe, but it’s not a redo style from the beginning. The feeling I was playing was close to Fire Emblem Fuka Sayuki. It looks like FE, such as the friendship, behavioral management of the chemos, and the battle that changes the battlefield due to one judgment mistake. The difficulty is the difficulty of FE (GBA era). The battle is quite large, but the battle does not hurt until the end, and thanks to the high quality in the balance and production. As it was a game that moved well overall, it was a lot of irritation during the play and it was not sluggish. As for the scenario, the settings were attractive, so I felt a slightly simple development, but the relationship between characters was well drawn and was packed as an overall story. The dissatisfaction was that the production that the UI came out every time I skipped the text was a bit immersive, and I was very satisfied as an SRPG.
by. Ayuo Kawase

Game Boy Pocket Camera to the video deck … Users compete to connect retro devices to Steam Deck

On the overseas bulletin board Reddit, users who connect to various retro equipment have appeared for no reason for the portable gaming PC Steam Deck developed and released by Valve.

Steam Deck is a portable gaming PC where reservations in Japan are waiting for this year. This device features a relatively reasonable price, despite being a portable machine that can play PC games.


In April, a user who abandoned the biggest benefits, which is the biggest advantage, and supports this device to an external graphic board, appeared on YouTube, but Reddit tries to connect to a retro device that is different from the game machine. The user is starting to compete for male and female.

On June 14, Reddit User Melinte posted Steam Deck and a video (VHS) deck using a USB or AV cable, and projected video tape on the device. It is unknown whether it is a video tape problem or the compatibility of the device, but the screen is disturbed, but the content of the video is left at the level where the contents of the image are confirmed.

On the 15th, on the 15th, another user EMIL10001, I saw the post of VHS, posted a video of Steam Deck and Game Boy’s Pocket Camera. In the video, the black-and-white screen unique to Game Boy is displayed on Steam DECK via the mobile retro game compatible machine Analogue Pocket, and you can check his skills in the camera.

In the posted thread, when other users were excited about what would be connected to what would be connected next, Melinte appeared and commented that he accepted the challenge, and connected Steam Deck to the record machine. I uploaded the playback. The selected song is Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astrey, who is familiar with overseas men’s, inside, The best Rick Roll (commonly known as the Merom using this song)). Some say.

At the time of writing the article, EMIL10001 did not respond to Melinte’s latest post, but he has fun and joke about his motivation, and seems to be competing with each other.

Smartphone World Adventure ADV Backfirewall_ announced. Lets stop updating with pleasant OS and apps

Publisher All in! Games announced on June 13 the adventure game Backfirewall_ . Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. The release time is scheduled for 2022. According to the Steam store page, this work seems to support Japanese display.


Backfirewall_ is a first-person adventure game developed in a smartph1. The smartphone, which is the stage of this work, is scheduled to update to OS10.1.1. The OS9 that controls the current operating system is stopped. As a management assistant, the player explores the world that spreads inside the smartph1. You will have to check the RAM error on the terminal and stop updating and erasing data.

The inside of the smartphone is expressed as a unique location and character. For example, the speaker is an invitation nightclub. Wi-Fi also appears as a bureaucrat who needs to pick up and drop-off. Players can use cheat codes that can operate the digital environment in this world. Collect errors by crushing and making bugs, preparing binary trees, or climbing the scaffolds controlled by music. It is said that data is deleted using a special cheat code.

In addition, smartphone apps also appear as characters. It is said that unique apps will develop side stories, such as Photo, a disturbing SNS F, and healthcare, which are often ignored. In addition, the owner of the smartphone is wrapped in mystery. The player can read the scattered emails and approach the secret. In addition, it seems that meta-like humor that destroys the fourth wall is scattered.

Backfirewall_ will be released for PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.

Thems Fightin Herds: My little pony in your face

It has already mored than 4 years because Them’s Fightin ‘Herd has actually dragged his hooves on Steam as a type of collective hallucination of fans of my little horse that would have made an overdose of sugar. To show the doubters that this battling game is totally reputable, Modus Gamings introduces its launch this autumn on PS5, PS4, Xbox Collection, Xbox One and Switch Over.

Family air is not a mishap: the competitors of Them’s Fightin ‘Herds were developed by Lauren Faust, designer of thesupers nanasseries,my Little PonyorDC Super Hero Girls _. Equipped with this irresistible design and also these animations that recall the job of the Skullgirls group, the game therefore provides conflicts between charming four-legged pastel pets. These protagonists are even staged in an episodic background mode interspersed with 2D exploration, mini-games as well as boss battles.

The game system additionally remains to get abundant. Quickly, upgrade 3.0 especially intends to include the technicians of Super Level 3, cinematic strikes that burn the entire gauge. Basically, the game is already based on a four-button system, a magic system and also an auto mechanics ofhandle Decay _, one of the purposes of which is to manage any unrestricted combination.

Them's Fightin' Herds - Xbox Announcement Trailer

Scheduled for download however additionally in a box on all systems, the standard game will be marketed 20 euros or 40 euros for the Deluxe version which will certainly consist of a very first season pass. Sold independently, the latter will add 4 cosmetics, degrees as well as personalities. If the video game is presently only readily available in English, new languages will certainly be readily available throughout the launch on gaming consoles.

For its getaway on console, Modus Games and also Mane6 will not do points by fifty percent: the crossplay will be sustained on all platforms, as is the Rollback GGPO network code. The sort of combination that some large authors still required to get when they released a brand-new battle video game, you might include with a point of justification.


Them’s Fightin ‘Herds-Annonce of the video game on gaming consoles

Open World SF Action RPG “ELEX II Elex 2” released. Player choices for playing interacting spinning stories

THQ NORDIC JAPAN Co., Ltd. launched an open world SF action RPG “ ELEX II Elex 2 ” on March 1. Corresponding platform is PLAYSTATION 4 / PLAYSTATION 5 / Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S, and PC (STEAM) version will be delivered on March 2 tomorrow. The price is PS4 / SP5 version 7590 yen, Xbox ONE / Xbox series X | 7600 yen for XBOX ONE / XBOX Series X | PC (STEAM) version is 6550 yen.

Elex 2 - Official Release Trailer
“ELEX II ELEX 2” is an open world SF action RPG that will be the sequel to the “ELEX”, which developer’s Piranha Bytes worked and released in 2017. The stage is a planet called Malalan. A crash in meteorites is a star that collapsed civilization, and five powers are conflicted through the mysterious material Elex contained in the meteorites. And several years after the battle in the previous work, a new threat invader appears from the sky.

In this work, the player will be the hero jacks, which is the hero in the previous fight, and to face the aggressor, we will call each power to unity. In addition to the albs in which the jacks belongs to the previous work, there is a force such as a berasca car or an unlikely group outlaw, a crick that holds a combat robot, and a new power mocon in a religious tissue. It is up to the player who builds the respective power and what relationships to build, and its choice may affect the development of the afterest. In any case, we have to collect collaborators to fight invaders.

In addition, 1000 NPC appeared in this work. About 400 people are NPC with voice with voices, and the amount of text of conversation exceeds 400,000 words. Also, according to the development source, this work includes a performance element and play time exceeds 100 hours, and these volumes are only one of the features of this work.

The planet Malalan built in the open world has a wide range of 120 square km, and a variety of environments are present from natural land to devastated areas. The player will fly in a jet pack and make a mission while traveling around and will advance the story.

In the field, a battle with an enemy also occurs. From the medieval bow and swords, magic like the fantasy world, the near future guns and robots, fight using a variety of weapons and abilities. There are 120 such proximity and long-distance weapons, and 40 kinds of armor, and 34 helmets are fulfilling. The battle system evolves from the previous work and realizes a smooth proximity battle and a long distance war.

And we will replace the equipment, learn new abilities, and strengthen various statuses each time you level up, and grow jacks. Even in the process of such a battle and growth, there may be elements such as asking for cooperation, and in this work, we will spin their own stories through many choices visiting.

“Elex II Elex 2” is sold for PS4 / SP5 / Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S. Package version for PS4 / PS5 is also sold. Also, the PC (STEAM) version will be delivered on March 2 tomorrow.

In this work, video post guidelines are released. While a system using a system on a video distribution site such as YouTube and Twitch is recognized, some conditions have been specified, such as requiring registration to THQ Nordic JAPAN Corporation in advance. If you want to deliver the real condition of this work, please check it.

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