The event culminated with the Streamer Olliegamerz as the champion after numerous days of competitions seen in the aforementioned Netflix series. The competition had numerous visualizations through all the banners who transmitted it, as Pokeys, that got to a brand-new document in its network with 1.2 million customers after being second.

Charles Casadevall, representative for Telecom Andorra, commented that the attack went guided to YouTubers of the location, which was the best he had actually ever before received the network of this country. The circumstance was dealt with quickly, however when it is a single vendor for an entire nation, lots of people not associated with the tournament suffered the very same affectations.

A couple of days ago, a Minecraft tournament was arranged where 150 streamers participated wanting to take $100,000. This event was based on the popular Netflix series, the squid video game , to put all the individuals versus all the participants, yet the betrayals surpassed the video game, then Cybercafes in Andorra focused on several rivals From this country not just affected them, yet the entire sob.

The affectations were fixed in a brief time The only Web company of the nation, Telecom Andorra , discussed social networks the DDoS attack I was experiencing, which did not take long to relate to the aforementioned event. Banners such as Rubies as well as Autoplay were forced to because of this trouble