What is the most important thing to fully enjoy Susan’s largest game fair, 2022 G-STAR (2022 G-Star)? Various booth event schedules to participate in G-Star? A thick wallet? A friend who almost matches me with me? It’s all good, but I think it’s important to have a strong physical strength to travel to the exhibition hall.


Unfortunately, the average physical strength of the visitors visiting G-Star, especially me, including me, is not so good. Obviously, it was okay, but when I had a meal, I felt that my health was spreading, two feet that didn’t fall well from the ground, and the goods that I felt lightly felt so heavy.

How to recharge these discharged stamina? No. There is an energy charging station in the G-Star Playground. The G-Star Playground, located on the 3rd floor of the 2nd Exhibition Hall, has the ultimate R corner. The ultimate R is a gaming jelly that targets gamers, rich in arginine and Maurine.

In the ultimate R corner, the ultimate R gaming jelly was presented through SNS events, tory subscriptions and likes and swallows for visitors who were tired of the event tour.