Xbox is currently on a real high altitude flight: The PlayStation competitor was able to record an absolute record year in 2021 – the Game Pass Service and the Xbox Series X | S have contributed significantly to this success.

Microsoft has announced that the Gaming division of the Tech Giant 2021 was able to record a record year. Xbox was able to emit revenue of $16.28 billion and has achieved a new milestone.

Xbox starts through and celebrates record year 2021

Xbox has set up a personal taking record 2021 and thus exceeded the previous year for whopping 17.7 percent. (Source: Microsoft). How Industry Analyst Daniel Ahmad notified on Twitter was increased by content and services by 8.8 percent compared to the previous year, while hardware sales even increased by 63.3 percent.

Thus, it can be said that have contributed to both the Game Pass Service and the Xbox Series X | S crucial to the success of last year. Last but not least, Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced that the Next-Gen consoles were the fastest-selling Xbox generation of all time – and demand surpasses the offer.

Microsoft on the upswing: records and big plans for 2022

With the two consecutive record years in the back, Microsoft sends itself to further conquer the gaming industry. The planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard King should undoubtedly play an important role. With a steadily growing game library and numerous well-known franchises Xbox could probably re-report a record year for next January . However, if Xbox can therefore make Sony the Next-Gen throne, must still show: a recently published forecast, the PS5 still sees the PS5 in the 2022 sales still far before the Xbox Series X | s.

WAS means the Activision Takeover? We explain it to you in the video:

Xbox currently surfs at the Success Shaft: After the announcement of the Activision acquisition, the Gaming Giant has now announced that 2021 could be recorded as a record year with regard to revenue. Decisive for success were both the Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Series X | s.