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All DEAD by Daylight Shrine of Secrets this week (March 2022)

Each week in Dead by Daylight, four new bonuses appear in the sanctuary of secrets that can be both survivors and killers. Perks presented in the Tyne Temple, can be purchased for rainbow fragments. When buying, he makes this specific skill available in BloodWeb for all survivors or killers.

Temple of the secrets of this week

Temple secrets updated every Wednesday. We will update this list when it is updated to reflect current benefits this week. Below are descriptions and effects of perks at each level (each level is divided by the “/” sign and is indicated in ascending order). All recommended bonuses cost 2000 rainbow fragments.

Temple of secrets March 9 – March 16

  • Echo of blood
    • Original Character: They
    • Description: Agony is backed by others.
    • Effect: When landing surviving on the hook, all other wounded survivors get the effect of hemorrhage and exhaustion for 45 seconds.
    • cool: 80/70/60 seconds
  • Visioner
    • Original Character: Felix Richter
    • Description: You are surprisingly focused on your ways of escape
    • Effect: You see the generators auras within 32 meters. Each time the generator is completed, Visionary is turned off by 20/18/16 seconds.
  • gear
    • Original Character: Deadline

Dead by daylight - What's in the Shrine of Secrets?? - MAR 8TH Reset 2022 (DBD)
* Description: You have a rumor to well-lubricated gears.
* Effect: Activated when the survivor loses health status. While it is active, every time the survivor passes the Great Skill Check during Repair, his aura opens to you on 6/8/10 seconds.
* Vigil
* Original Character: Quentin Smith
* Description: You look at your friends even in terrible situations.
* Effect: You and your allies in a radius of eight meters restore after the status effects of “blindness”, “broken”, “exhaustion”, “nude”, “bleeding”, “difficulty” and “oblivion” at 20/25 / 30 percent faster. After exiting the range, this effect is saved for 15 seconds.

These are all benefits this week! Do not forget to add this page to bookmarks to quickly access the Tyne Temple when it is updated on Wednesday!

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ELEX 2 The Capital Temple Guide

We have all heard of schemes to get rich quickly, but sometimes I guess they work. In your trips, you will find a cleric named Martin in Carakis, near Morkon Grotto. He will find it directly to the south, as described in the image below. If you talk to him, you will begin the Mission The Capital Temple.

The choice of the capital temple – has 3 options and can “invest”: 100 fragments, 500 fragments or 1000 fragments.

In doing so, Martin will ensure that he will recover the money from him, and something else, but he needs a week to recover it. Take care of your affairs, complete missions, take naps or do what you want to spend time.

After 7 days, Jax will make a comment about Martin, wondering what happened to him. It is at this point that you will now find it in the bastion… Backgrounds in your hand.

The Reward of the Capital Temple: (if you choose 1000 Elexit): 3000 ELEXIT and 300 XP.

Elex 2 - Full Combat Guide | Basic & Advanced Tips | Ultra Difficulty
He will even stay in the bastion after winning some money, and if you register every few days, he will give you 200 fragments. Among the 3,000 Elexit and regular 200 Elexit injections, you can increase your currency reserves to buy potions, equipment or anything else you may need on your trip through Elex 2. If you want another way to win something fast elexit, Check out our Elex 2 Work Guide with!

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Wow Burning Temple Classic, New Raise Black Temple Application

Horde and Alliance’s warriors who have finished their coordination of the outland and the ends of the Alliance are finally ready to face the traitor. World of Warcraft Burning Temple Classic Black Temple Raising Agency was applied on the 28th. Now all players can counterattack at the top of the black temple.

This content update of the burning temple classic is also included in the Haizhou Mountain Combat Raewel, which allows the Horde and Alliance to directly experience a grand story that has been achieved in front of the Strong Archimont and Burning Corps.

In this patch, including two attacks, this patch is able to enjoy the three seasons of battle arena between the player, and acquire the camp, In addition, the previous attacking band balance was adjusted and various contents of the burning temple classic were added.

WoW Classic #618 ???? - Fusion Benediction - Hyjal / Black Temple Full T6 Clear - World 9th / NA 2nd

Burning Temple Classic players can be seen in the World of Warcraft Official YouTube Channels and the launch of the guide video and black temples that are prepared to enable the Black Temple Restaurant and High Cattle Mount Mount Battle Rameters and the Haizhou Mountain Combat Rental Raise.

For more information on black temples, see the World of Warcraft website.

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