Pictures have appeared on the net that inevitably prove that a newly designed variant of the Xbox Series S has the nose in at least one thing compared to the Xbox Series X.
We are talking about a three-meter-high version of the mini console made of AR-Lego stones.
Thus, this execution of the game console is probably currently the largest in the world and not only has an immense size advantage over the Xbox Series X, but also the competition from Sony, although it should be lower here.

Xbox France announces: “You know the Xbox Series S, our smallest Next-Gen console ever developed.
Here is the largest S series that has ever been created in Lego! ”
This monster was created by the French Xbox team as a marketing joke and does not fulfill no other function.

Xbox Series S | Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga | Graphics test/First Look

There is a picture to see here: