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An Xbox Series Special Chinese New Year Year of Tiger, Shes already collector

In a few days, China and part of Asia will celebrate the transition to the new year according to the lunar calendar. And in 2022, it is the tiger that is in the spotlight, a sign synonymous with strength, power, bravery but also to exorcise evils. It is with all this in mind that Microsoft has launched the production of 15 Xbox One S in the colors of the animal for the Chinese New Year, and one copy is winning on Microsoft’s Twitter account. It is the artist Bu2ma (Bu-Er-Ma) who is the author, he who is adept of the drawings rounds and cute. For the dress, it’s a pretty flamboyant red that has been chosen (and symbol of traditional lucky color in Chinese culture), while the ornaments refer reference to the animal king of all the beasts in China. Whether it’s on the Xbox Series X cover or on the controller, we find the tiger according to the Chinese calligraphy style. Small detail to emphasize, but which is not seen in the visual provided by Microsoft, the sinogram (虎) written in Chinese (meaning “Tiger”) is displayed on the back of the joystick. On the other hand, on the facade, we can see the sinograms 虎年 大吉 who wish us the best for this year of the tiger.

Chinese New Year||History of Tiger Year||New Year 2022|| @Chamkty Taray|| #china #newyear
In keeping with our new Xbox Series S series harness consoles, we wish all a good year of the Tiger Filled and Fortune. 春节乐! 虎年 大吉!

Xbox celebrates the year of the tiger

The Xbox has had a lot of fun lately when it comes to making various collaborations, as well as to create various goods itself. And it turns out that Xbox has decided to take this opportunity to celebrate the new lunar New Year, and with him, the year of the Tiger.

Label as the Xbox Series S Lucky, the company has created 5 Custom Xbox Series S Consoles and Xbox Wireless Controllers. This is part of a collaboration with the Chinese artist Burma and is inspired by his iconic art.

According to the Xbox version, those born under the year of the tiger are determined and confident, and they are traits that all have in the Xbox family. It was the hope that the creation of this console would summarize the feeling of the year of the Tiger. There was therefore the use of red and gold as part of the console and controller design, and black ink style finishes, displaying a tiger and trees on both devices. There are also the words a golden tiger (虎) written on the back of the joystick. We do not know what is said on the console itself, but it may mean luck and joy, as well as good wishes for the year of the tiger.

Unfortunately, it seems that it is only on Xbox China that it will be possible to win this special edition XBOX Series S. But Chinese residents can participate in the official contest. They can do it via two official channels: either via WeChat or via Bidibidi. The competition will start on January 25, 2022, at 12:00, normal time of China.

However, if we are so lucky and so enough people express the desire for such a console, we may be able to organize a competition to win a console celebrating the year of the rabbit on a broader global scale.

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