Puzzles with quests can be very funny.
But if you want to replace some elements of the puzzle with horror from trying to run away from the monster, trying to solve the puzzle, try Cheese Escape.
In the game you find yourself in a locked labyrinth, where you and other players should find nine pieces of cheese, while opening a number of doors.
You work together to open the doors, but you must find all the cheese alone if you want to escape.
Here’s how to find all the keys in Cheese Escape.

How to get a green key in Cheese Escape

Leave the safe area, follow the path to the right, then make the first left turn.
Follow it until the road turns left to the T-shaped intersection and turn left.
Follow the path while it goes to the right and left, and follow the path to the very end, where it turns right to the corner.
You will find a piece of cheese and a green key (green 1 on the map) next to the stairs.

how to find a red key

If you just got a green key, climb the stairs in this place and follow the path to the exit on the upper level (blue arrow down on the map).
At the bottom of the stairs, follow the path to the end where you can use the green key to open the door.
Green door on the left.
In the room on the other side, put the 3842 code in the keyboard to open the door.
Follow the corridor to the end where you will find a piece of cheese and a red key (red 2 on the map).

how to get a blue key

From the safe zone, follow the path to the right, then make the third turn right, just before the track turns left.
Continue to follow the main path, because he turns left twice, and you find the red door at the end to you.
Open it with a red key and take the board on the other side.
Take the board back through the green door and past the place where you took the red key through two portals (grabbing the cheese between them).
You will find that part of the floor is absent here.
Use the board to repair the floor and go to get a blue key (3 on the map above).

How to get to a green button

Go up the stairs where you found the green key, then go right to the end to find the blue door on the left.
Open it with a blue key, go (grabbing the cheese) and press the green button.
This will open the door marked with purple on the map above, which will allow you to get the last piece of blocked cheese.

How to get out of the maze at Cheese Escape

To leave, starting from the top floor, jump down again, using the output marked on the map (blue arrow down).
Turn right instead of going to the green door, and go through two short paths (there is a piece of cheese in the small room between them).


If you have collected all nine pieces of cheese (indicated # on the map), you can open the door here (4 on the map).
Now you can go through the door in a safe zone (orange arrow).
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