Game Studio Dreamway Games started a play test of “ ESPresso Tycoon ” on January 29th. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam) and plans to release a second half of 2022. The play test is implemented until February 1, Local Time.

“Espresso Tycoon” is a cafe management simulation game with coffee theme. The player launches a cafe store and blends the original coffee and develops a coffee business while managing the budget. This work is characterized by the fact that it can experience full-scale store operations on the scale of large coffee chain stores that exist in reality, such as Starbucks.

For example, coffee provided to customers will decide from the detailed parts such as ingredients. If you listen to this, you may want to be a complex task, but by using the “3D Coffee Editor” feature that appears in this work, the player can create an original coffee recipe relatively easily. First of all, we will reserve customer preferences with reference to market research. Once the combination of components that meet the needs of the customer can discover, it actually rushes into the work of blending beans. After selecting coffee beans, adjust the ratio of water and milk to provide customers to the deliciously grinding coffee of the original blend. It may be good to have a latte art as a playful.

Of course, since it is a cafe management, gameplay does not end with coffee only. It is necessary to decorate the interior layout of the store so that the customer relaxes and enjoy coffee. As well as placement of materials such as chairs and tables, there are indirect lighting and houseplants that produce atmosphere, as well as arranging the atmosphere, and they will create a relaxable mood. Since it is lonely in a silence shop, it is not forget to put music in the store into the store.

In order to operate a shop, the placement of the staff is also essential. Of course, you will be placed in the hiring store and a cleaner. Assuming that one incident occurs, security guards can also be placed in the store. Also, how to get along with influenza is also important. In this work, there is a unique social media application “Beanstagram” that is reminiscent of Instagram. This is an app that posts a state and sentences when the customer visits the player’s shop. He, she seems to emphasize “shining”, and if it is possible to provide impressive latte art or customer preference blend coffee, it will post to SNS as a self-portrait photo. If you get the power of the diffusion effect by the influencer, the store is scared if it is taken up by the media news.

Thus, this work is a management game that makes the comprehensive coffee business development as well as grinding beans and grinding coffee. All elements about coffee are stuffed with guts, and it is a work that is unbearable to coffee. What customer tier to come up depends on the player. Expand your own coffee franchise, and that name will build a famous coffee shop that will go to the city.

DREAMWAY GAMES, who works on development of this work, is a game development studio based in Poland. We are currently developing multiple works such as “Ankh Tower” or (related articles), and coding learning games “DreamJob: Programmer”, such as “Ankh Tower” and (related articles), and coding learning games “DreamJob: Programmer”, which are invested from the Publisher Playway based in the country. It is impressive that the style of the playway series is the work of the series and the reality and pop ease.

“Espresso Tycoon” will be delivered for PC (STeam) in the second half of 2022. According to the Steam Store page, the game seems to correspond to the Japanese language in the game. The play test currently being distributed is until February 1, Local Time. If you are interested, put it in the wish list.