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Nexon Gamess ambitious First Desendant new video release

Nexon announced on the 24th that it has released a new trailer video of the new Root Shooter ‘First Desendant’, which is being developed by its subsidiary Nexon Games at the European GameSom 2022.


The new trailer video, released on the official GameCom page, is based on the unique action and fantasy world view of ‘First Desendent’ based on Unreal Engine 5-based high-quality visuals. I plan to catch it.

The actual gameplay scene in the video shows the distinction of ‘First Desendant’. You can see characters with different concepts, such as a wide-area dealer, Lepic, which uses powerful barrels, Biesa, which restricts enemy behavior with cold skills, and Ajax, a tanker that uses spatial distortion skills.

In addition, there are many characters that have not been seen in the root shooter game, such as Bernie, which causes strong shots at high speeds, and characters that use poison, close to enemies, assassinate and flames.

Four people can combine together to use cooperative play that kills giant boss monsters and a gorgeous wire action ‘grappling hook’, and at the end of the video, the invaders’ head ‘Karel’ and the army will appear to see the immersive worldview. Can.

‘First Desendant’ is a new root shooter genre that combines a third-person shooting battle with an RPG. It is a global triple A-class game that is developing sustainable RPGs as a core value.

For more information about ‘First Desendent’, please visit the official website.

Announced Aliens, a new single game

Alien Isolation never had an official VR version, although there were few who thought it would fit perfectly (the mods are proof of it). Perhaps this laureate title does not return in this format, but Survios and 20th Century Games have reached an agreement to develop an unprecedented video game that can be played virtual . This is Aliens, a title built with the Unreal Engine 5 graphic engine, focused on the single-Player and also in development for console and PC.

Aliens will have an original story that will take place between the first and the second film. About the narrative and the argument, there hCentury Games not been too hard, beyond the protagonist will be a veteran who cries out revenge against the xenomorphs. , they have Century Gamessured on the official website.

looking for new talents for study

Nothing else is known about the game, but the development is still underway and the study seeks new talents for the team . Survios continues to build its development team TOP-TIER with talented creative and veterans of entertainment and video game industries. If you are pCentury Gamessionate about Aliens and you are interested in joining our team, check out the available job opportunities.


The most recent game focused on single-Player is the terrifying alien isolation , which can be enjoyed on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch and Mobile Devices iOS and Android. Before that, Gearbox launched the controversial aliens: Colonial Marines, which wCentury Games riddled by both critics and players.

In 2021, Cold Iron Studios commercialized Aliens: Firelam Elite on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. In this cCentury Gamese, it is a cooperative shooter title focused on the multiplayer.

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