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Almuth educates the cup last, the VfL as well as its future

… The cup final won in Cologne: Perfume “I try to enjoy it was a great dayWonderful … Your trip to the Potsdam fine area : “We have hemorrhaged around in the previous couple of weeks as well as I did a grand side puller goal. … The stamina of the Wolfsburg females: “VfL is identified by fitness, passion and also dedication. … Your time in Wolfsburg: “A great deal of fun, lots of friendships and also favorable memories. … your action right into the United States: ** “I haven’t thought much about it.

I likewise have call with Nadine Angerer. She always stated: Almuth, you will certainly such as the league, there is a lot on package.

Almuth Schult

… The toughness of the Wolfsburg females: “VfL is identified by dedication, fitness and ambition. We have actually been the fittest team in the organization for years.


After winning the title, the national goalkeeper spoke concerning…

… your action into the USA: “I have not assumed a lot about it. We want to make at least a little part that the course will look like in the next few months.

… Your time in Wolfsburg: “A great deal of enjoyable, great deals of relationships as well as favorable memories. That was a time that shaped me as a personality. The VfL has become my club, that is clear after 9 years. It is one Item residence. “

… Your trip to the Potsdam fine location : “We have bled around in the previous few weeks and I did a special side puller goal. The plan was when the chance arises to do something like that. It would certainly be Funny to rack up a goal for VfL.

After winning the title, the national goalkeeper spoke concerning…

**… The cup final won in Cologne: Perfume “I try to enjoy it appreciate a great dayTerrific The team desired to rack up goals as well as play onward, we showed that.

The next thunderweather of Schmadtke at VfL Wolfsburg

When Jörg Schmadtke enters the VfL Wolfsburg in front of the team, this is usually not a good sign. Last summer, he had done it at the beginning of the season in the hope of a once again successful season, just before Christmas with his second announcement the sound was sharper (“I expect the team to unconditionally the way we pretend, and devoted makes your job “). Now the managing director after the 0: 3 in Augsburg once again forced to address unmistakable words to the team. “We will also respond things that we have not liked,” announced the 58-year-old after the third bankruptcy in series and put this in practice.

Schmadtke issues his players a poverty certificate

The next thunder wetter of the Boss, who has to master a heavy crisis after three very successful Vfl years. With a team built by him, whose motivation has dramatically decreased. And that does not seem to understand the seriousness of the situation. “We need to understand the relegation battle and fight us much more,” Farradtke still wishes for months in the relegation battle and puts his players with a poverty before the next basement duel on Saturday (15.30, live! At team).

Kohfeldt further isolated

Kohfeldt, Kruse, Krise: „Der VfL Wolfsburg wäre ein verdienter Absteiger“ | Was geht, Bundesliga?

According to the personnel corrections of the managing director during the season, when the coach Mark van Bommel has been replaced by Florian Kohfeldt and changed in winter the squad, team and coaching are required in the last six games, to drive the necessary counters for the league. The hope that Kohfeldt (COVID-19) returns to the training on this Tuesday, but did not fulfill themselves – the 39-year-old was still unavoidable. More than ever, this day has called Boss Schmadtke, who was changed in Augsburg as part of the Kohfeldt representation from the grandstand on the bank. And hardened by his team.

RB Leipzig – VfL Wolfsburg 2: 0: Defeat in Leipzig – Wolfsburg Sieglos

The Siegloss series continues, the pressure on coach Florian Kohfeldt rises: The VfL Wolfsburg has conceded the next bitter bankruptcy in the Bundesliga relegation fight. At the Vice-Champion RB Leipzig lost the long brave fighting wolves on Sunday with 0: 2 (0: 0). Thus, the VFL remained without success in the eleventh compulsory game.

Willi Orban (76.) and Josko Gvardiol (84th, after video proof) on his 20th birthday met 1000 spectators in the Red Bull Arena for Leipzig.

With now 21 points, Wolfsburg in the table has only two counters lead to the relegation platz 16, which currently occupies the FC Augsburg.

Leipzig, who won the past three league games, kept cloth constituent to the premier class. The Saxons are sixth with 31 points and have three counter behind the targeted Champions League rank four.

“Very disappointing and very frustrating” Found Wolfsburg’s sports director Marcel Schäfer at DAZN the renewed setback, “If you do not win so many games in a bit, of course you are unsettled.” It is “an incredibly difficult phase”. That “a lot of question is questioned is the business”. Nevertheless, Schäfer continues to Kohfeldt: “We want to be shared by this phase.” “Crowd” felt Kohfeldt, but he feel “maximum confidence” of his supervisors.

Before the game, RB coach Domenico Tedesco maided that one could not underestimate the high-quality Wolfsburg squad despite the weak results. But the initial phase was moderately.

The Leipzig, who restored in the attack Andre Silva and Hugo Novoa, took over the initiative. But they found no gaps against VfL defense, while the guests lurked on counterattacks.

Orban meets according to slatted hits Silva’s lead

That should change. After Wolfsburg’s John Anthony Brooks had a long ball, Novoa (18th) could steal itself and failed with the first dangerous completion of the batch of half-right position to VfL goalkeeper Koen Castels. After that, the teams struggled a lot in midfield duels, marriage Wolfsburg really radiated risk for the first time.

RB-Keeper Peter Gulacsi fished a free-kick of Aster Vranckx (39.) from the lower left corner – and the Belgian was once again in appearance. A crosslock of Jerome Roussillon suddenly landed in the penalty area at Vranckx, whose shot Gulacsi recruited. The third trial Drosch Yannick Gerhardt clearly over it.


| |

<img src=”” alt=”RB Leipzig – VfL Wolfsburg 2-0 Highlights Matchday 20 – Bundesliga 2021/22″/>

Even after the break, both teams in the offensive hit tremendously difficult, large opportunities were in a lot of intensity to date to date extreme shortage.

After a ball loss of the VFL, Silva presented for Kevin Kampl (69th), but Castels dropped the shot from 18 meters to the corner. It made a better Orban, who headed the ball over the line after a slatted hit Silvas. Gvardiol’s goal was not recognized because of the offside, then the video assistant revised this decision.

RB Leipzig – VFL Wolfsburg: The votes

Domenico Tedesco (coach RB Leipzig): “I believe that today we had extremely patience. Wolfsburg did that well. The long balls on away horst are difficult to defend. In the second round it was a little better But yet we can find the players better in the first round. We are glad about the result. “

Florian Kohfeldt (coach VFL Wolfsburg): “It is of course an unfortunate defeat after a really good performance from our side. In particular defensive. We have inspected the possession of the possession in the first 25 minutes and two very big opportunities had. I believe that of course that is disappointing. We have taken steps forward, as far as attitude and content are concerned. I am convinced that we will get the victory against Fürth. “

RB Leipzig – VFL Wolfsburg: The statements

Leipzig: Gulacsi – Simakan (74th Mukiele), Orban, Gvardiol – Laimer (56th Adams), Kampl – Henrichs (55th Klostermann), Angelino – Novoa (55th Olmo), Nkunku (81. Poulsen) – Silva

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Wolfsburg: Castels – Lacroix, Bornauw, Brooks – Baku, Arnold, Gerhardt (79. Nmecha), Roussillon – Vranckx (79th Lukebakio), Waldschmidt (46th Philipp) – Weghorst

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