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The Xbox Series gameplay video shows the efficiency of the gears multiplayer 5 to 120 IPS

The Xbox Series will be released the exact same day as the Xbox Series X and will only cost $ 299, it needs to for that reason actually represent a valid alternative.

However, you can currently download and install a gears 5 multiplayer game video clip operating at 120 IPS on Xbox Series S.

This highlights the passions of brand-new generation Microsoft equipment, which has every little thing you need to be the very best marketed of the entire generation, according to the maker of Temporal Kombat.

A brand-new video allows us to have a look at the gameplay of the Xbox Series S and also particularly the very best of its performance, where it can run games at 120 IPS.

Its equipment is developed for a 1080/ 1440p gameplay, somewhat below the 4K resolution of the Xbox Series X, yet the picture frequencies should also be outstanding right here.

The game increases the photo regularity of the Xbox One X on both brand-new generation systems, as well as you can view the less large design do it below.

The Xbox Series S is the most inexpensive and also the least powerful new generation Xbox console technically, but that does not suggest that it will certainly not go a lot on performance.

Microsoft has actually published several video clips to highlight this, such as the trailer for disclosing the console highlighting this peculiarity.

Downloading and install the video is the only way to enjoy it perform at 120 IPS, along with having a 120 Hz screen at your disposal.

Top RPG Studio can be working on an exclusive Xbox Series X

One of the best studios of role play seems to be working on an exclusive Xbox series XBox console, but curiously, not in a role game. Between Bethesda Game Studios, Inxile Entertainment and Obisidian Entertainment, Xbox now has some top-level role play studios under his roof and, however, he is also working with Studio, a study founded by former BioWare developers and that He launched the Trilogy of the Saga Banner Last Generation.

In December of last year, we transmit the news of a report that Studio Studio was working on an exclusive Xbox console. Fast progress, and a new job that appears in the study seems to confirm this. The list of jobs in question is for a user interface engineer and mentions «Xbox and PC», but not the PlayStation or Nintendo platforms. In other words, it seems that it works with Xbox Game Studios Publishing.

IMPROVED Xbox Series X Is Coming! All New EXCLUSIVE Xbox Games And 2022 Xbox Game Studios Updates

So, what is the study working if it is not a role play? Well, according to the reports, the game is under the process name in the Project Belfry key and it is not a tactical role game such as the flag of the Flag_ but a set of side scrolling action similar to the game Vanillaware 2013 The crown of the dragon. If that sounds very different from the flag_ is because it is. _ The flag_ was not just a tactical role play, which could not be more different, but had a lot of narrative. The lateral displacements may have a lot of narrative, but it is not common. Beyond this, the only other detail that we know about the game is that it supposedly has an artistic style that is a mixture of la saga of the flag and the princess mononoke.

At the moment, everything we have are rumors and speculations based on job offers. The points seem to be connected, but none of this is official and, therefore, should be taken with tweezers.

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Xbox Series X Insider filters a new change in the console

According to reports, the first Xbox Series X review was filtered, but incoming change is not very important. Throughout a console generation, console manufacturers modify the design of their consoles with a target in mind: reduce production costs. Like your competitors, Microsoft does not win a lot of money with the hardware. In fact, during the first years of a generation of consoles, it often loses money. Money is gained for console manufacturers on the software side. Microsoft gets a part of each game that is sold on an Xbox series X. While the large amount of money is not on the hardware side, this does not mean that once a console is sent, be ready. Where there is money to save, money will be saved, which is why consoles constantly receive small revisions, such as the one that reveals the aforementioned report.

Xbox is Designing a New Chip To Improve Xbox Series X

The new report arrives at the hand of Xbox Insider and journalist, Brad Sams, who in a recent video transmitted the news that Microsoft is currently working on a revision of the console chip. Unfortunately, it seems that these chip reviews will not improve performance and will only reduce the cost of production.

“I think this is true… I know that Microsoft was working on the chip reviews,” Sams said. «Now, are we going to see improvements in performance, let’s see something else? I do not think so, but Microsoft is always working to make chips more efficient and more great because that reduces the cost of production. “

This is all that Sams revealed about the matter. It is not known what is changing exactly, but it is unlikely that Microsoft announced this exchange rate, which means that it will depend on those who separate and dissect the hardware discover this change when it happens.

As for when the next proper revision of Xbox will occur, we do not know. According to a variety of rumors, the next Xbox console is not far from being revealed, but it remains to be seen if it will be a review of Xbox Series X or something completely different. It will not be the next appropriate Xbox console, but there are rumors that suggest that it could be a console addressed to the transmission market.

Of course, the problem with the sending of a new version of Xbox Series X or another console is that the production is still limited by the shortage of microchips, the delays in production and shipping problems.

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Xbox Series x Dashboard: Update lets TV

If you use HDMI-CEC on the Xbox Series X / S console, you can immediately control the input signal of the TV via the controller.
So you can change faster between the TV station, the console and other input sources.
In addition, you save the tedious search for the eternally disappeared remote control.

If you have activated the option and, for example, to enable another input signal as the Xbox, you only have to press the Xbox button on your controller and the TV input is switched to your Xbox console.

Xbox Series X 4K Dashboard Finally! Update Out Now!
For example, you can quickly switch your TV back to console video without using your TV remote control.

That was nothing, Microsoft: Why I quickly separated from the Xbox Series S

Actually, the Xbox Series S should complete my PS5, after all, I wanted to completely exploit the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. My joy did not last long. I quickly sold her again, but not because of the console itself, but because of the supplied accessories.

A comment by Jasmin.

The release of the PlayStation 5 will probably be branded by the pre-order chaos and the delivery bottlenecks and now now, about half a year later, the consoles are damned scarce. Also with Microsoft it does not look much better, especially the Xbox Series X is mostly out of print. Still, I was lucky and could not only secure the PS5, but also an Xbox Series S.

Maybe you already notice that I was still never fan of a particular platform . My passion for gaming was at the time with the C64, moved across the Game Boy, the Nintendo 64, the PlayStation 1, the Xbox 360, and more consoles. Meanwhile, I play a lot on the PC itself, but also burn me comfortably on the sofa, to fit a console and take the controller in hand – but right there is the problem for me.

_Alles via Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5: _

Microsoft, where remains the next generation?!

I really was looking forward to my new Xbox console. As a user of the Game Pass Ultimate I have access to hundreds of playing both on PC and on the console – the perfect starting situation. When I put the console next to my PS5, a feeling of happiness and I nodded confident, but when I took the controller in his hand, the joy was over quickly for me.

How so? Why does Microsoft complement the elaborately touted Next-Gen console with a cheap piece of plastic ? The included Xbox controller feels anything but valid, more like a cheaper copy. The buttons clacking exaggerated noisy and feel like they fall from the controller – an absolute no-go!

Why does not Microsoft simply take an example of the new DualSense controller of the PS5? This is not only much better in the hand, but also has the perfect weight for me and also looks damn sneer. And also the haptic feedback, the adaptive triggers, the motion sensor and the integrated microphone provide a real Next-Gen feel.

Oh, and a question still dear xbox team: Who came to the idea that the controllers are still running with batteries?! For me, it has nothing to do with Next gene, especially since batteries are anything but environmentally friendly. Too often they land in household waste and ensure defective devices when they leak. Sony also triggers that with the PlayStation Controller much better. Thanks to the charging station I can charge the easy and fast – perfect!

All this influences my fun on the Xbox Series S so negative that I decided in the end against the console – too bad!

_An the console I can not complain: _

Xbox Series S (512 GB / White)

Now from 269,99 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 20.03.2022 11:03

That has to go better, Microsoft!

That I have now decided against the Xbox Series X / s, does not mean that I will not give the console no chance. In my opinion, have both Sony and Microsoft unique games and just with a Game Pass Ultimate, the selection can be seen on the Xbox.

So Microsoft, if your loud controller misses a fat design upgrade and converted from batteries to batteries, I will safely buy your consoles again – Do not let me down!

_The Xbox Game Pass is a nice supplement: _

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | Xbox / Win 10 PC – Download Code

Now from 12,99 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 20.03.2022 10:38 clock

New Xbox Series leaked by Microsoft

How is it with you? Do you have a specific console darling and how is yours to the controllers? Have you saved one of the next-gene consoles? Visit us very much on Facebook and write us your opinion in the comments.

Xbox Next: Keystone is possible Codename for new Xbox

XBOX KEYSTONE - Next Next Gen Xbox Codename?

Each new Xbox console is developed in Microsoft under a code name or project name before it is set for a sales name. With “Keystone”, the internal name could now have been given a name for either a MID gene console or even the next console generation. Where exactly Tero Alhonen discovered the entry “Xbox Keystone” is unclear. However, the find is interesting, but especially because the code names for the consoles Xbox ONE and Xbox Series X | S are specified directly with Durango and Scarlett. Whether it’s actually about the code name for a new Xbox console, still difficult to say. But probably we did not hear “Xbox Keystone” for the last time.

“Marvel GOTG” and “Lightning Returns FFXIII” appeared in Xbox Game Pass-“Young Souls” will also be added on the release date

Microsoft has announced the title that will be added today and soon to the game subscription service “ Xbox (PC) GAME PASS “.

The lineup published this time is the high-rated title by Square Enix, such as “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII”, and the Belt Scroll RPG Adventure, which has just announced the delivery date the other day, “Young Souls” It contains.

# Title added today

  • “FAR: CHANGING TIDES” (Cloud, Xbox, PC compatible)

  • “Microsoft Flight Simulator” (only for clouds)

# Title to be added March 3

  • “Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII” (Xbox, PC for PC)

# Title to be added March 10

  • “Kentucky Route Zero” (Cloud, Xbox, PC for PC)

  • “Lawn Mowing Simulator” (compatible with Xbox One)

  • “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” (Cloud, Xbox, PC compatible)

  • “Young Souls” (Cloud, Xbox, PC for PC)

# Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Special Offer (DLC)

  • “EA SPORTS UFC 4: Fighter and Customization Bundle” (compatible with Xbox)


  • “Century: Age of Ashes: Hjørrani Savannah Bundle” (Xbox, PC compatible)

# Title scheduled for distribution (all ends on March 15)

  • “NIER: AUTOMATA” (Cloud, Xbox, PC compatible)

  • “Dog dog (PHOGS!)” (Cloud, Xbox, PC compatible)

  • “Torchlight III” (Cloud, Xbox, PC for PC)

  • “The Surge 2” (Cloud, Xbox, PC for PC)

“Xbox Game Pass” corresponding to the Xbox console or PC can be joined from 850 yen a month. “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” supported by PC, Xbox Console, and Cloud is available for 1,100 yen per month.

Metro Exodus: Artyom is now in six million households

Metro Exodus - Artyom Edition [UK]

In 2019, Metro Exodus appeared for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. Meanwhile, the game for Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 has been optimized as an additional Gold Edition for Consoles and Enhanced Edition for PC of Gen 9. Thanks to all the optimizations and editions, the developer studio 4a Games may now post a new milestone in sales figures. The game was now sold six million times. If you do not have a version, the links to the various editions in the Microsoft Store are here: * Metro Exodus Standard Edition – 29,99 € * Metro Exodus Gold Edition – 39,99 € Both editions support Smart Delivery and are always played in the best possible version on your Xbox console. The memory stations are of course synchronized automatically at any time.

The Xbox Gift Guide for 2020 Final Celebrations

It is this wonderful period of the year when everyone begins to think of incredible gifts that he will offer his loved ones for the holiday season. For players, this year is particularly special because all new consoles will be available. For Xbox players, they will have the opportunity to invest in the brand new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. However, if they have decided to stick to their current Xbox Console, it’s okay. There is a lot of fun having regardless of the Xbox console on which players play. At Cog connected, we want to give you a hand by offering you this practical guide that will provide you with all the essential information you need to put a smile on the face of your favorite players.

This guide will be divided into three parts; Xbox Game Consoles, Xbox Accessories and Xbox Games Indispensable. Let’s start.


The Xbox Series X is the brand-new leading Xbox console that will be available on November 10, 2020. With the Xbox Series X, the games will have a much better appearance and game thanks to the high-end material built into the new console. A solid hard drive of 1 terabyte will ensure you have enough space to store new games and there are options to increase this space if necessary. One of the greatest improvements to the game graphics will come from a technology called ray launch, which will improve everything, lighting effects to reflections. The Xbox Series X is almost 100% backward compatible with the Xbox One library, except Kine ct compatible games. In addition, all original Xbox 360 and Xbox games that have been added to the Xbox One descending compatibility list will also work on the Xbox Series X. If you are looking for a player looking for the best Xbox absolute, the Xbox Series X is The perfect choice.

XBOX Series S

The Xbox Series is also all new and will also be available on November 10, 2020. The largest distinction between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series resides in global visual capabilities. While the Xbox Series X can display content in a breathtaking 4K resolution, the Xbox Series is capped at a resolution of 1440p. As a result, the Xbox Series is a little cheaper than the Xbox Series X, perfect for players who have a limited budget and may not need additional resolution. However, the Xbox Series S shares all the Xbox Series X’s incredoompatibility options. In addition, the Xbox Series will play all the games to which Xbox Series X can play, so that Xbox Series S players will not fail upcoming games to come.

Xbox One X and Xbox One S

The current console generation, the Xbox One, will always be available in store this holiday season. If the cost is not an option, the recommendation would certainly opt for an Xbox Series X, but if it is not possible, you can always get an older Xbox One console, always very powerful. The Xbox One is available in two varieties; The Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. As the Xbox Series X and S, the biggest difference between the two is ultimately resolved. The Xbox One X can display 4K images, the Xbox One S can not. Both will play a large Xbox One game library, and descending compatibility to play some original Xbox 360 and Xbox games. In addition, many of the new games launched on Xbox Series X / S will also be available on Xbox One platforms, an immediate upgrade is not completely necessary. However, it should be noted that the Xbox Series X / S versions of these coming games will work and will be significantly better than their Xbox One counterparts, so keep that in mind.

See page 2 for some indispensable accessories.

Discontinued Xbox ONE consoles

Xbox Game Studios (previously called Microsoft Studios, Microsoft Video Game Studios, and also Microsoft Gaming) is an American computer game publisher as well as division of Microsoft based in Redmond, Washington. It was developed in March 2000, rotated out from an inner Games Team, for the development and also posting of computer game for Microsoft Windows. It has actually considering that increased to include games as well as various other interactive home entertainment for the namesake Xbox systems, Windows Mobile as well as other mobile platforms, as well as online sites.

Microsoft has officially confirmed that the manufacture of all Xbox One consoles has ceased. In fact, it is not even something that has just happened. According to Xbox, production in all Xbox One consoles, all its versions, stopped at the end of 2020. As for why, the answer is simple: focusing on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Interestingly, this seems Be the opposite touch of PlayStation, which according to reports increased production in PlayStation 4 due to the scarcity of PlayStation 5.

To focus on the production of Xbox Series X / S, we stopped the production of all Xbox One consoles by the end of 2020, said Cindy Walker, Senior Product Marketing Director of the Xbox console, in a statement provided to The edge.

Until this confirmation, it was understood that all but Xbox One S had stopped manufacturing. The original Xbox One was discontinued in 2017, and it was confirmed that both the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition were discontinued in mid-2020. As we move towards the future with Xbox Series X, we are taking the Natural step of stopping the production at Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, is read partly on a declaration attributed to a Microsoft spokesperson. «Xbox One S will continue to be manufactured and sold worldwide».

It seems that at some point between July 2020 and December 2020, Microsoft stopped manufacturing even the normal Xbox One S. The interruption, which happened almost unnoticed, probably has something to do so much with the current VOC-19 pandemic that interrupts normal life and with the fact that Xbox has made a priority guarantee that new titles can be reproduced in Almost any console. And that does not even enter the prevalence of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

As noted above, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles are currently available for $499 and $299, respectively, wherever such things are sold. That is, if you can find any of them in stock. You can check all our previous Xbox coverage in general here.

What do you think about the confirmation that Xbox has stopped manufacturing the Xbox One? Do you already have an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to contact me and contact me on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games!

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