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New Xbox Series X Supply: The console can now be bought at one of the major shops

Microsoft is really clear that no matter where you play; Both gaming consoles will certainly have countless Xbox, Xbox 360 and also Xbox One titles readily available from day to day thanks to retrocompatibility. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate-who includes the benefits of Xbox Live Gold-offers the possibility of downloading even more than 200 computer game instantly for EUR 12.99 per month .

If you do not yet have an Xbox Series X, the excuse of not locating it in the store might not be expired. The console starts to find supplies conveniently in some shops, this time around we speak with you concerning Media Markt, where customers can be done with the most powerful Microsoft hardware without extra enhancements, at its price advised by the Redmond technological giant.

Initial information : Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are launched today in stores around the globe, yet after a fleeting reservation project, the most effective version of this brand-new generation of gaming consoles has actually been tired in a lot of shopping. What can we anticipate on the day of its launch? New Xbox Series X devices have actually come to light, so if you have not bought it yet, this is your possibility to. This is the most powerful version with 12 visuals power tflops and also 1TB of SSD storage. Much less troubles you will certainly need to buy Xbox Series S, The most affordable model , which shows up without a viewers, 4 tflops and also SSD of 512GB. Both gaming consoles support Dolby Vision as well as Dolby Atmos modern technology. Its costs are 299 and 499 euros Where to buy them? Next we provide you a list of shops where you can try lot of money, given that the consoles are flying from the stores.

Next off, we leave you a small sample of everything you can locate in the celebrity solution of Redmond.


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Original information : Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are launched today in stores around the world, however after a fleeting appointment campaign, the most effective design of this new generation of consoles has actually been tired in most purchasing. Less issues you will certainly have to buy Xbox Series S, The most economical version , which arrives without a reader, 4 tflops as well as SSD of 512GB. As it is evident, we can’t assume of any way to release a brand new console that is not with the video games that accompany it throughout its launch . You can get them with the following shops .

Xbox Series X available at Microsoft Shop for 499.99 euros Xbox Series X for sale in Media Markt for 499.99 euros

Game Spain:

As it is apparent, we can not assume of any type of means to launch a brand-new console that is not with the video games that accompany it throughout its launch . An interesting choice would certainly be to do it with the anticipated Assassin’s Creed Valhalla-en Live Gold-offers we have already played and also we inform you every little thing you should find out about him-O Yakuza Like a Dragon, which will provide us one of the most insane shipment of the legend we can think of. You can get them with the adhering to shops .

Xbox Series X releasing games.


As if that were insufficient, the service likewise brings Cloud Gaming (Task Xcloud), which enables you to appreciate as much as 150 games via streaming on any kind of Android gadget. You can consult the total brochure through the complying with link. Next off, we leave you a small example of every little thing you can find in the celebrity service of Redmond.

The return of the mythological Goldeneye 007 is coming close to thanks to the accomplishments of Nintendo 64 FPS in Xbox

The images linked to accomplishments still retain a classic aspect, so in the meantime there are no hints about a very enhanced version graphically. What is clear is that we could obtain out of question extremely quickly, specifically on June 12 at the Xbox and also Bethesda meeting, where we will anticipate wonderful advertisements and uniqueness of the Xbox home.

The return of Goldeneye 007 is among the important things that takes the longest rumore. There are already numerous clues regarding this timeless Nintendo 64 , and in January of this year Xbox achievements appeared in the different Xbox Live databases, something that is once more currently.

We might have news at the Xbox occasion on top of that, the Trueachievements internet site has signed up new success of the Xbox title that have actually been unlocked by an engineer from RARE . A minimum of that is what the Gamertag indicates that shows up, related to James Thomas, who currently operated in the past in the Rare Replay compilation to bring classics from 64 to Xbox.

First, we can currently consult the success on the Microsoft website, because have actually appeared completely during these days. This fact has caused the alarm systems to leap again on a possible task that revives the game to the present with a Remaster or Remake .

enhanced version DISCOR

We currently have a main web server! A location where you can speak directly to the magazine’s editors, take part in competitions, obtain presents or simply have an excellent time with various other individuals. Do not think of it any longer and also join our area.

Join the enhanced version dissonance

Microsoft can make numerous Xbox Series XB revelations

With the termination of the E3 2020, we are not shocked to see that Microsoft looks for to make its own electronic showcase with Inside Xbox. Microsoft has not yet verified the day of their following inside Xbox and they lately arranged one that focused on the following obsidian title known as Grounded.


When asked Timdog what Microsoft had prepared for the coming months, he replied on Twitter: “2-3 next months. In Xbox, a direct for June, something in May. Many rumors circulate, Xbox has a heap of things to inform, including Lockhart. “Although we do not recognize what to anticipate from the more affordable version of Xbox Series X, we eagerly anticipate more info from Microsoft on their next brand-new generation console.

If the Xbox Series X has 2 variations, will you get the least expensive or one of the most excellent graphically? Let us know in the remarks below!

According to a main recognized to Microsoft named Timdog, two different discoveries are prepared for the Xbox Series X. A digital occasion will certainly have one of the revelations in May and a potentially substantial Xbox inside in June. Microsoft will apparently reveal the Lockhart model of the Xbox Series X, long cheaper and less expensive, throughout among these revelations. June Inside Xbox will be the electronic showcase of Microsoft which will replace the presentation E3 2020. The Xbox Game Pass must be readily available for all models of the Xbox Series X, with the Game Pass Ultimate including Xbox Live at a membership price of $ 10 monthly.

“Although we do not know what to anticipate from the cheaper design of Xbox Series X, we look ahead to more info from Microsoft on their next new generation console.

Microsoft will obviously expose the Lockhart model of the Xbox Series X, long cheaper and less expensive, during one of these discoveries. The Xbox Game Pass need to be available for all models of the Xbox Series X, with the Video game Pass Ultimate including Xbox Live at a subscription price of $ 10 per month.

What is and how does the DRM affect video games?

As in Dejà Vu of 2013, the public is once again talking about DRM and Xbox . During the weekend, Xbox Live servers suffered a series of problems. Among them, it was mentioned that it was impossible to access digital games, even if these were one player. For many, this is similar to the controversy that the company lived at the beginning of the Xbox One generation, where the DRM was something completely mandatory. To all this, What is DRM?

Digital rights management, or Digital Rights Management (DRM) in English, is a system to prevent unauthorized copies from digital content. We are talking about software that prevents piracy in digital services . There is not a single way to implement this. For example, Netflix prevents you from capturing screen, while other services block any way of recording from a PC or mobile device.

Microsoft/Xbox Have A Major DRM Problem

In the case of video games, this protection seeks a license associated with the user’s account and, if you find a coincidence, start the game. If you do not identify a license, the title does not start. In extreme cases, The DRM requires an active Internet connection at all times . In this way, “purchases” the digital rights of a game, and the platform of your choice manages them and everything that entails.

In addition to this, the DRM also manages elements such as Steam, Xbox and PlayStation trophies. However, not all platforms are designed to last forever, and that can cause some problems. This is something that basically all games have, But it is their implementation and limiting that vary depending on the platform. Along with this, consoles like Xbox ask that you be connected to the Internet for most of the time. This was a big problem during the beginning of the Xbox One, although this eventually decreased, the recent failures on Live servers show that there is always a risk.

If you want to play without the risks of the DRM, You can always choose to buy games in digital PC stores such as GOG, Humble Bundle and, which do not have this safety measure. Similarly, developers can choose to sell games without DRM in Steam.

In related issues, you can learn more about the recent Xbox problem here. Similarly, the company’s response to this problem further enraged fans.

Editor’s note:

DRM can be seen as a necessary evil for many, but in reality it is just another way to protect the license that a person buys, and thus avoid piracy. The problem arises when the different companies, or Xbox in this case, force you to have an Internet connection at all times, instead of just checking the license when necessary.

Xbox recognizes connection problems during the weekend; How to solve it

Many users – us too – have reported numerous problems in Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One during this weekend . They started Friday night and gave rise to inconveniences such Xbox Series not being able to access the library, start games bought in digital format, see the list of connected friends and other services. These errors were repeated again during the afternoon and night of Saturday and from Microsoft they have confirmed that Xbox Live services have failed. This morning they have announced that everything works again, although some kind of error is still possible; We tell you how to solve it in seconds .

If something still fails, it’s time to restart the console

Xbox Series Microsoft recommends, in some cXbox Serieses it is possible that an error leaves some type of trail, and although the problem is corrected, some consoles can continue to experience them. If all services are in order, restart the console will be more than enough so that everything will work immediately. From that moment on, if you suffer any problem, pay attention to the following information.

How to know if everything works correctly?

Xbox Series X/S: How to Fix Not Connecting to WiFi Internet & Network Issues Tutorial! (2021)

On some occXbox Seriesions it is possible that we are suffering connection problems that prevent us from seeing the list of friends, using games from our library and even unlocking achievements. Many users tend to think that their Internet connection is being affected by some incidence, although it is not always the cXbox Seriese. Xbox Live It is a complex system in which problems Xbox Seriessociated with a certain service are sometimes arise, so the most recommended Xbox Series soon Xbox Series you not know something strange is to visit the following link; It is a website that shows the status of all services in real time . At the time of publishing this news, we can verify that the errors have been solved and everything works perfectly.

Deals With Gold: Xbox Special Offers KW 09/2022

From now you can at the Microsoft Store again pack some games and expansions at a reduced price in the virtual shopping cart. All Xbox One offers (except the Kinect games) and Xbox 360 titles that are labeled as backward compatible (AK) can, on your Xbox Series X | S be played. All pure deals with Gold offers (DWG) require an active Xbox LIVE Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription.

On Kinect games can be found as usual on Tuesdays the complete list of all special offers.

Table of contents:

  • Deal with Gold

_ By the way: With your purchase through the partner links in the following list additionally supported her this website and the Xbox Dynasty Community._

Jak zgarnąć kartę Xbox Game Pass Ultimate i Xbox Live Gold W 5 MINUT? ✅ DZIAŁA [2022] ????????????
_ Note: plagiarism and copies of our deal with Gold offers including listing are expressly prohibited and unerwünscht._

Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S – Deals with Gold – 01 to 07 March 2022

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Title New price € saving
Aliens: Fire Team Elite 23.99 € 16,00 €
AVICII Invector 8.99 € € 11.00
AVICII Invector: Encore Edition 14.99 € 15,00 €
Borderlands 3: Blood Money 10.04 € € 4.95
Borderlands 3: Moxxis raid on the Handsome Jackpot 10.04 € € 4.95
Borderlands 3: Psycho-war and the fantastic FusterCluck 10.04 € € 4.95
Borderlands 3: shootas, love and tentacles 10.04 € € 4.95
BRUTAL 2URVIVE Bundle 4.99 € € 5.00
Chubby pixels Mega Bundle 18,89 € € 8.10
DayZ 29.99 € € 20.00
DayZ Livonia 11.19 € 2.80 €
Digerati couch co-op Vol. 2 3.29 € 18,70 €
discolored 6.99 € 3.00 €
Ghost Sync 10.49 € 4,50 €
Mafia Trilogy 29.99 € € 30.00
Mafia: Definitive Edition 19.99 € € 20.00
NBA 2K22 for Xbox One 23.09 € € 46.90
NBA 2K22 for Xbox Series X S 24.74 €
NBA 2K22 NBA 75th Anniversary Edition 49.99 € € 50.00
Nightbook 9.09 € 3,90 €
The Escapists 2 4.99 € 15,00 €
The Pew Pew Bundle Vol. 1 3.74 € 21,25 €
Towaga: Among Shadows 3.74 € 11.25 €
World War Z: Aftermath – Deluxe Edition 32.49 € € 17.50

Table of contents:

  • Deal with Gold

_ Note: List incomplete, with many other offers following update _!

Exclusive Xbox 360 free for limited time

A popular and old Xbox 360 exclusivity is free for limited time at Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and, if you still have one, also on Xbox 360. What is the trick? Well, the offer is limited to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, however, the free game is not through Games with Gold. It is not clear why the game has become free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, and we do not know for how much time it is free, but at the time of publication, all subscribers can download it for free and play so much or so little. As you want as long as they keep an active subscription.

Regarding the free game, it was launched in 2011 as the exclusive of Xbox 360 or, more specifically, as an exclusive Xbox Live Arcade. The game in question is sra. Splossion Man A sequel of ‘2009 Man explosion, one of the most popular Xbox Live Arcade games. Like his predecessor, he was developed by Twisted Pixel Games and published by Microsoft. At the time of its launch, it obtained an 82 in Metacritic. Since its launch, you have reached iOS, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Next, you can read more about the game and see a progress of the game:

“You have a problem? I will solve it. At the party after Big Science that celebrates the capture of man explosion A spill of champagne cuts the safety protocols in the Splosionatrix and it emerges sra. Splossion Man «, says an official comment about the game. «The latest creation of Twisted Pixel Games, the creators of Splosion Man, The Maw and Comic Jumper, Ms. Splossion Man comes with fifty levels for a single player and fifty separate levels. Multiplayer Cooperative Campaign. Extended map functions, unlockable tons, ghost repetitions and many other improvements make this definitive edition for any explosion connoisseur ».

XBOX 360 Exclusive Games - 14 Games you can't play on any other console!

Xbox Live Gold is available through all modern Xbox consoles. It is available on a variety of rates, but at its cheapest rate, you can get a 12-month subscription to $ 60.

Games with gold: “free” games for Xbox in February 2022

Microsoft calls the games with gold in February 2022 . Members of Xbox Live Gold thus also receive additional Xbox games in the new month, which you can play within your subscription without extra charge. Let’s start on 1 February with BAPHOMETS CALL 5 – The Fall , which can be played on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. An exciting story, interesting characters and well-written dialogues are waiting for you. In our test to Baphomets curse 5, all details of the adventure read. The title linked to your game collection until February 28th.

Xbox - February 2022 Games with Gold

Hydrophobia and aerial_knight’s Never Yield

From the 1st to 15 February again Hydrophobia is available as a download – for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Xbox 360. In Survival Adventure, you dive into the dark depths of a sunken city, which in the hands fell from terrorists. The 3D SidesCroller aerial_knight’s Never Yield is again available between the 16th of February and March 15 – on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. She slips into the role of mysterious Wally and are traveling in a futuristic depoit. On the styles of an Endless Runner runs, jumping and slipping to avoid the challenges lying in front of you.

Games With Gold: New Games in February 2022

  • Baphomet’s curse 5 – Falls – 1st to February 28, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One
  • Aerial_knight’s never yield – February 16 to March 15, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One
  • Hydrophobia – 1st to 15 February, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, 360
  • Band of Bugs – 16th to 28th February, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, 360

The games with gold in February 2022 from band of bugs , which is available between the 16th and 28th February for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Xbox 360. In strategy game, you conclude with up to seven friends and put together the fight against beetles, spiders and other crawls. To get access to the inclusive games, you need a membership of Xbox Live Gold. The annual subscription will receive you for around 60 euros. Alternatively, the gold membership is also included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox free one of the best valued games of 2009

Xbox offers Xbox Live Gold subscribers at Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X one of the best qualified games for 2009 free for limited time or, more specifically, until the end of the month. In 2009, players enjoyed games like bayonet ta, borderlines, Dragon Age: Origin, Alma’s of the Demon, Minecraft, Infamy, solo dance, and ASBL Arkham of Batman. It was a historic year for video games. In 2009, Tito Corporation and Square Enix also launched Space Invaders Infinity Gene. And despite the competition, it ended the year as one of the best valued games of 2009, with a 91 in Metacritic.

As always, once downloaded, the game is yours to keep it and play everything you want while you hold an active subscription. If your subscription expires, you will lose access to all games downloaded in a free way through the subscription service.

Next, you can read more about the game and see a trailer:

«Space Invaders, the game that defined video games for generations, is back with a new twist! The game begins wearing as the classic Space Invaders, but as you play, evolve. Unlock new stages, new enhancers and new functions. The complete set has a total of 143 stages, both normally and the impressive challenge mode, where the stages change with each game. You can even open yourself up through unique stages that evolved from your own music! Compete against other players from all over the world in real time with real-time classifications appropriately appointed! Space Invaders Infinity Gene is the pinnacle of the shooting action in the outer space! The more you play, the most evolves the game!

In addition to Space Invaders Infinity Gene, Grow, an Xbox One game, now you can download for free if you have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold until February 15.

For more coverage especially about Xbox, including the latest news, the latest rumors and leaks, and the latest speculation, click here or take a look at the links below:

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