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Sukuenis new SRPG Diofield Chronicle will be released on September 22! Reservation acceptance starts from July 7th

Square Enix is a completely new real-time simulation RPG Diofield Chronicle PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch on September 22, for PC (Steam) for 9 It was announced that it will be released on the 23rd of the month.

This work, which was announced in March, is a warrior simulation RPG featuring its own worldview and real-time battle system. By judging the situation, making use of the characteristics of each unit to issue accurate orders, you can proceed with the battle, and you can enjoy a real and dioramatic battlefield.


Reservations will start on July 7, and the URL of various platform stores will be released. In addition, a limited number of collector’s edition reservations will be started on the Square Enix e-Store on the same day. Board games that can enjoy the world of this work and a pins set with four kinds of emblem design are included.

Diofield Chronicle will be released on September 22 for PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch, and for PC (Steam) on September 23. Reservations will start at various stores on July 7. In addition, a trial version that can take over the data to the main story will be released on August 10.

A pleasant feline and also an epic JRPG: the highlights in July 2022

Followers of Feliden, Formula 1 as well as creative globes will certainly get their money’s well worth in July. Due to the fact that we remain in the summertime opening!

F1 22

Along with the innovations in the core gameplay, the new path in Miami and the F1 Life area await you in F1 22. Here you set up your own loft as well as change your character. Of ea, training course and also codemasters can not miss it to utilize microtransactions right here. You just obtain cosmetic web content for money. You can make the brand-new supercars that you can likewise manage. The focus is still on Formula 1, specifically the My Team mode and also the typical driver career. A story setting is not component of the event this year.

What shouldn’t be missing out on in July? Right, a brand-new F1. This year there is really a whole lot brand-new in the game. F1 22 includes big modifications in regards to racing, so, since something has actually likewise taken place in actual Formula 1: The technical regulations have been modified, which leads to completely brand-new racing cars. The supposed flooring result plays a vital function in this, which makes sure that the vehicles stick better on the ground in fast curves, while they are a lot more difficult to maintain under control in slow-moving curves.

We are in the middle of summer. You ought to have seen it if you don’t stay in the southern hemisphere-or somewhere on top in the north. The past couple of days it has been very warm and also often quite clammy, to ensure that apartments liked to develop into saunas. Just how much you feel like staying in your own 4 walls as well as video gaming is feasible. As well as whether July becomes much more enjoyable for us video gaming followers, we additionally risk to doubt. The manufacturers still bring a great deal of fascinating titles onto the market. Yes, July is anything but an unsatisfactory video clip game month. Certain, the situation could be also better, however we make sure that among the highlight launches of the coming weeks for each and every of you exists.
| genre: racing game| Designer: Codemasters| Author: Digital Arts| Release: 01.07.| Platforms: ** COMPUTER, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

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MatchPoint: Tennis Champions

There has actually long been no great tennis on the PC as well as console-in the actual feeling. The very best executions of the setback game in the past ten years have been Mario Tennis Aces (which is now not a big highlight) and also the corresponding tiny game in GTA 5. Those who choose genuine simulations have had a proper phase of suffering. But with Matchpoint: Tennis Champions, a brand-new hope is released in July. Jens has already looked at him and also is fairly positive in his preview.

You can tell the game that the spending plan was rather low. In the occupation you develop your very own age vanity, with which you can deal with the top of the world rankings from the base.
| category: sports game| Programmer: Torus Games| Author: Kalypso Media| Release: 07.07.| Platforms: ** COMPUTER, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

Currently for Matchpoint: Tennis Championships on Heavy Steam!

The manufacturers promise that every personality in the game has a disturbing story as well as that everything perfectly fits right into the major story. You discover the dark atmospheres from the first-person viewpoint and also are only armed with an old instant video camera that assists you to endure the abuse via Madison.

Summertime is in fact not the finest time of the year for scary games. In July he brings out his very first work Madison, in which she slides into the skin of Luca, which is tortured by the title-giving satanic force and compelled to lug out a bloody routine.


| category: scary game| Programmer: Bloodious Games| Author: Bloodious Gamings| Release: 08.07.| Platforms: ** COMPUTER, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch

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Time on Frog Island

We come back to something a lot more family-friendly and vibrant: Time on Frog Island is a combination of experience as well as life simulation. After a storm, you hair your ship on a mysterious island that all kinds of frog animals live. Your goal is to fix your sea driven, however you will probably feel practically in your home on the frog island quite quickly. You are familiar with the residents, develop a sanctuary, run new bride, agriculture and also angling own combinations.

Time on Frog Island is not a Animal Crossing duplicate. The game also provides numerous problems and also even Zelda elements. By doing this, you always get items throughout the game that multiply your motion alternatives so that the game globe opens increasingly more for you. If your rate of interest is awakened: On Vapor you can download the totally free beginning and obtain a taste of it.
| genre: Journey, life simulation| Developer: Half Past Yellow| Author: Merge Gamings| Release: 12.07.| Platforms: ** PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Change

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Nitty-gritty currently suggests: Loopmancer is a game with time loophole mechanics-fits as a rogue lite. Nonetheless, it is not simply concerning the reality that the degrees alter with every passage as well as you get more powerful, so that you proceed to progress in every loop. You also make some choices throughout the game, but the more you find out about the story, the a lot more you might be inclined to ensure decisions differently in later runs. On top of that, Loopmancer wishes to use fashionable action in 2.5 D with over 100 weapons and also trendy unique skills.
| category: rogue-lite, action game| Programmer: Ebrain Workshop| Publisher: ebrain studio| Launch: 14.07.| Platforms: ** PC


Cyberpunk has actually ended up being a rather prominent style in current years. With Loopmancer, the Chinese designer Ebrain Workshop will certainly offer you a rogue liter action game with cyberpunk setup. The activity takes area in 2046.

Now to Loopmancer on Vapor!

Eyes at night

A 2nd Rogue lite will certainly be launched on July 14, yet which is extremely various from Loopmancer. The residence is haunted by a dark power and your most important tool in the battle against the countless beasts and the darkness is-oh, wonder-a flashlight.

Unlike the usable Mystery thriller from Solution Amusement, Eyes has a black and also white search in the Dark and also is a 2D-Jump-and run. You explore the arbitrarily generated atmospheres, battle the monsters and also find useful items that you can incorporate to achieve various synergy impacts. Testing employer battles are additionally part of the game.
| Genre: Rogue-Lite, Dive as well as Run| Designer: Under the Stairs| Publisher: Transmission posting| Release: 14.07.| Platforms: ** COMPUTER

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as Sundown Falls

| category: Adventure| Designer: Interior/Night| Publisher: Xbox Game Studios| Launch: 19.07.| Platforms: ** PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

Caroline Marchal once worked as Lead Game Developer on Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Hearts. In the meanwhile, she has established her very own workshop Interior/Night, whose initial job as Dusk Falls will certainly appear shortly. This is clearly in the practice of the Quantic Dream video games: a story-heavy adventure with little gameplay, but the better flexibility of option as well as a story that can create in totally different instructions in every round.

The activity revolves around two families as well as prolongs over a duration of 30 years. Everything starts with a robbery in a town in Arizona in 1998, which goes wrong. The peculiarity of AS Sunset Falls is his appearance: the characters are symbolized by actual actors, however they are traced with redoscopy, which is not typically seen in computer game. The figures are hardly animated for that. Primarily, their motions just are composed of still lines. That shouldn’t be for every person.

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Whether pets or felines are the much better family pets is a concern of confidence that has actually been arguing concerning people for a long time. Something is certain: With Stray, an encouraging action experience awaits you in the bellows, in which you personified a (reasonably) ordinary cat. Well, as well as is there anything similar at a high level of high quality with a pet dog as a protagonist?


Stray plays in a world without individuals. The city whereby you move as a fur bear is occupied by robotics. Early in the game, the pet cat ended up being pals with a tiny drone called B-12, with the assistance of which they interact with the other devices, fixes puzzles as well as resisted the dangers that hide in the game globe. There are also pretty harmful creatures there. We are excited to figure out what this globe is everything about.
| Genre: Action Adventure| Developer: Bluetwelve Workshop| Author: Annapurna Interactive| Release: 19.07.| Platforms: ** PC, PS5

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| style: function play| Programmer: Hyde| Publisher: Bandai Namco Home Entertainment| Launch: 29.07.| Platforms: ** COMPUTER, PS4, Xbox One, Switch Over

The fans of the anime series have been waiting for a long time on Digimon Make it through. One change after another adhered to and so the role-playing game only comes onto the market this July.

Digimon Survive

There are round-based battles that are very reminiscent of video games like Final Fantasy Tips. In between there are numerous story passages as you understand them from Aesthetic Books, in which you make many decisions. According to Bandai Namco’s guarantee, the action should even be rather dark.

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| genre: role play| Developer: Pillar Soft| Publisher: Nintendo| Release: 29.07.| Systems: ** Switch

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the body of a dead titan is once more functioning as a game world, in which 2 peoples have been fighting for a very long time: Keves as well as Agnus. The former relies totally on equipment technology, the last instead counts on magic. The heroic group around main character Noah is made up of relatives of both political teams, which encounter the battle versus a new hazard that is much even worse than the war. The adventure leads you with the typical extensive atmospheres in which you take pleasure in wonderful flexibility of motion. Anywhere there is something to do as well as fight for you that run in live and also remind strongly of timeless MMORPGs.

There is once more an actually impressive journey for button proprietors: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was initially revealed for September, yet was after that pushed onward to the end of July-you do not experience that every day. If you are craving a significant JRPG, you do not need to wait that long. As well as the 3rd part of the Nintendo-exclusive series will absolutely be substantial.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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More launches in July

Followers of Feliden, Solution 1 and also creative worlds will obtain their money’s well worth in July.
| Gamedec -01.07.- Change.| arcadegeddon -05.07.- COMPUTER, PS5.| Yurukill: The Calumniation Games -05.07.- PS5, PS4 (on July 8th for PC and also Change).| Dragon Forge -08.07.- PC.| Klonoa Phantasy Absent-mindedness Series -08.07.- COMPUTER, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch.| Neon Affliction -11.07.- COMPUTER.| XEL -12.07.- PC, Switch.| Krut: The Mythic Wings -12.07.- PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch.| Hellpoint -12.07.- PS5, Xbox Series X/S.| F.I.S.T.: Fored in Darkness Lantern -12.07.- Switch over.| The Tale of Bistun -13.07.- COMPUTER.| escape academy -14.07.- COMPUTER, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One.| Endling: Termination is permanently – July 19th.-PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch Over.| Hazel Sky -20.07.- PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch.| Severed Steel ** -20.07.- PS5, PS4 (on July 21st for Switch, on July 22nd for Xbox Series X/S and also Xbox One).

The best applications of the obstacle game in the past ten years have been Mario Tennis Aces (which is currently not a large emphasize) and also the corresponding tiny game in GTA 5. In this way, you constantly obtain things in the course of the game that multiply your motion choices so that the game globe opens up much more and also much more for you. The name of the game currently indicates: Loopmancer is a game with time loop mechanics-fits as a rogue lite.

GTA 6 Insider gives Grand Theft fans auto launch information

After announcing grand theft auto vi earlier this year, Rockstar said Zip about the game, which is presumably in development for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and possibly also for PC. According to some rumors of different sources, this will change this year with a revelation trailer. Until this happens, there are new speculations about when the game could be launched, courtesy of Tom Henderson a prominent member of the industry and filter that has shown to have good information about the long-awaited game in the past.

On Twitter, Henderson transmits words that he expects the game to launch between 2024 and 2025, which aligns with what we have heard here and there. We have always heard 2024, with the warning that a delay in 2025 is a real possibility thanks to previous development problems due to the pandemic and the potential of more. We also hear that the game could be positioned for a launch in 2023 with the internal intention to be sent in 2024.

Unfortunately, this is the scope we have heard about when the game will be released and seems to be the scope of what Henderson has heard, since it is all he has said about the matter. As for what Rockstar Games has said above all this, well, he has not said anything and it is unlikely that this changes, since he never comments on rumors and speculation. That said, if for some reason this expectation fades and resonates, we will update the story accordingly.

Grand Theft Auto Vi is currently under development at Rockstar Games. There is no official word of an launch date or launch window, or platforms. In fact, the game has not yet presented. Until this happens, be sure to catch up with the latest rumors, leaks and speculations related to the title by clicking here.

Games much better control: gamepads, Xbox adaptive controller, steering wheels as well as joysticks

The current Xbox controller has actually been the standard for the PC for years, currently the Xbox Series X Wireless Controller, previously the Xbox One Wireless Controller. Both can be linked to a computer either through USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. If an existing Bluetooth alternative refers to the incompatible, you will discover an appropriate USB stick or are seeking the Wireless Adater for Windows, which is currently no longer playing a huge role in retail.


Some proceed to vouch by the mouse as well as keyboard, except for classic method video games or role-playing video games, where you have actually made a lot of key-board switches, the far a lot of games at the newest after a certain familiarization by controller can be regulated as well or also much better. For games with trip deposits, a joystick is once again a good control unit, as well as of training course a steering wheel for competing games. We contribute an added page to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which particularly allows individuals who have problems with control by means of a normal gamepad due to physical restrictions to be able to regulate games better or in the very first area.

Table of Contents

1st web page 1 game control: gamepads
1. 1.1 gamepads.
2. Web page 2 game control: Xbox adaptive controller.
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3rd web page 3 game control: steering wheels.
1. 3.1 guiding wheels.
4. Page 4 game control: Joysticks, Hotas and Yoke systems.
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Page 2 game control: Xbox adaptive controller.

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In comparison to the PlayStation controller, both analog sticks are not positioned in the middle of the Xbox style. Rather, the D-PAD (Control Cross) is located where the left analogue stick sits at the Playstation controller. The left analogue stick can again be located on top left, where the Cross is positioned on the Playstation controller.

By the means, the Xbox Series X Wireless Controller is offered in numerous colors as well as special designs, and Microsoft likewise has the choice to get a controller with specific shade combinations for the individual components. However, there are currently shipment problems on the Xbox Series X Wireless Controller, to ensure that it is currently not offered.

Normally you obtain it in stores in different shades as well as styles from around 40 to 45 euros. However which controllers are there for the PC? The adhering to table clarifies you by means of the gamepads for the computer, whereby we intend to provide only an option of 20 pieces as a result of the greater than 200 on rate comparison web sites for the computer, which are most prevalent in stores:.

Web page 1 game design: gamepads.

Notes: In the Suitable column you will find the information on which systems the controller ** is additionally compatible with the PC. The acronyms imply the following: XBX = Xbox Series X as well as Collection S; XBO = Xbox One and One S; PS3 or PS4 = PlayStation 3 or 4. If unsure, notify you of the producer whether more current compatibility has been included.


There are several other controllers for the PC, the bulk of which stick to the Xbox design template when setting up the analog stick. But there are likewise controllers in which the sticks are positioned like the Playstation controller. In both instances, the text of the buttons can either adhere to the Xbox scheme (A, B, y and x) or to orientate on your own on the PlayStation signs.

Our special is regarding gamepads, joystick and also guiding wheels for PC video games. Considering that virtually every bigger video game is enhanced mainly on console viability, control via controller is typically the best option. Some proceed to promise by the computer mouse and key-board, except for timeless approach games or role-playing video games, where you have actually made a whole lot of key-board buttons, the much a lot of video games at the newest after a certain familiarization by controller can be controlled as well or also much better. For games with trip deposits, a joystick is once more a great control unit, and also of course a guiding wheel for racing games. We give away an added page to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which especially allows people who have troubles with control using a typical gamepad due to physical limitations to be able to manage games better or in the first location.

Talking gun FPS HIGH ON LIFE will be released on October 25. The lively partner and the universe adventure, the original and director of Rick and Morti work

SQUANCH GAMES announced on June 28 that it will release High on Life on October 25 local time. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It also supports Xbox Game Pass.

HIGH ON LIFE is an FPS game that uses a speaking gun. The player adventures the universe as a bounce hunter with a lively buddy. Among them, the fight against aliens and the encounter with various loots and unique characters await. The story is said to be deployed as a comedian venture.

The biggest feature of this work is the speaking gun. It is said that there are several types of guns, each with characteristic performance. In the fight against alien gangs, Garmantuous, you will need to use different guns according to the situation and the size of the enemy. In addition, they share their thoughts and perspectives with players in the important phase of the story. Based on that, the decision of the player to make may lead to the end of the story.

The location includes jungle paradise, cities built on asteroids, and hub stations in the universe. Players can return to the location, rescue and collect people, as well as a surprise event with story elements. In addition, players can purchase upgrades and various aliens technology in the in-game resources. It seems that there are also facilities that are called warp-based, re-filling bounty hunters suits and special ammunition.

This work is the SQUANCH GAMES. This studio was jointly established by Justin Roiland, the original and director of the science fiction comedy anime Rick and Morti. We have developed games that make use of unique sensibilities, and in the past, we released games such as TROVER SAVES THE UNIVERSE. The work has won the status of very popular, which is popular for 92 % in Steam user reviews. HIGH ON LIFE, a science fiction comedy adventure, is likely to be a work with ROILAND’s sense.

High on Life will be released on October 25, local time for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Media market offers VAT: top

At MediaMarkt there is once more a brand-new deal project. The project bears the name 3 days insanity as well as uses you the opportunity to conserve on video gaming hardware as well as games.

In this write-up we show you what you need to take into consideration in the campaign as well as what to expect.

more on the subject

Media market VAT: Switch Sports, Xbox Series S & PS5 controller at the best cost


When is the start of the VAT campaign? At MediaMarkt you will certainly be given VAT from Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 8 p.m. CEST. The offer project runs until Sunday, June 26th at 11:59 p.m. CEST. As necessary, you have a couple of days to observe the deals. Note that it additionally applies while supplies last. Particularly solid offers and preferred items might promptly be marketed out.

VAT campaign at MediaMarkt __

There is so much price cut: MediaMarkt, obviously, does not actually stroke VAT, but only offers you a discount rate that represents VAT This provides you a 15.966 percent discount on around 18,000 getting involved products. The previous activities of this kind have actually revealed that there are some ideal price offers.

** Will there be an Xbox Series X more affordable? It would certainly of training course be a massive discount and you should not rely on it, however possibly the Xbox Series X is additionally part of the campaign.

Update June 23rd 8:26 pm CEST: The VAT campaign has begun and the offer is to name a few the Xbox Series S cheaper, however not the Series X.


these are the most effective deals media market VAT.

  • LG OLED65C17 4K TELEVISION with HDMI 2.1 for EUR 1,347.95 instead of EUR 1,599
  • WD Black Sn850 1 TB SSD for EUR 105.37 instead of EUR 125
  • Google Pixel 6 128 GB smartphone for EUR 442.57 rather of EUR 525
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless controller for EUR 126.44 rather than EUR 149.99
  • Nintendo Switch Sports for EUR 36.24 rather than EUR 42.99
  • Xbox Series S for EUR 244.46 rather than EUR 289.99
  • PS5 double sensense cordless controller, white for EUR 57.31 rather than EUR 67.99

From 8 p.m. we will provide the very best offers of the VAT campaign now. We will certainly attempt the cost comparisons straight as well as see exactly how good the bargain is contrasted to the past twelve month. So we only present the genuine deals.

What exists in the offer? Isn’t MediaMarkt exposing what is part of the project. We think that pre-orders, downloads as well as digital products will certainly not become part of the activity.

On the other hand, it is specific that the PS5 will not become part of the activity. It is anticipated to have a look at these product groups:

  • Whatever about pc gaming hardware
  • Games for gaming consoles
  • Smartphones as well as tolls

At MediaMarkt there is once again a new deal project. The campaign births the name 3 days chaos and offers you the possibility to save on pc gaming hardware and games. ** When is the begin of the VAT campaign? The deal project runs up until Sunday, June 26th at 11:59 p.m. CEST. From 8 p.m. we will present the ideal offers of the VAT campaign at this factor.

Even more info.

Billing with Xbox Series X and also PS5: For me there is a clear winner

The PS5 and also Xbox Series X meet in numerous ways at eye degree. Virtually 2 years since the launch, I discovered a clear favorite because the previous period.

A comment by Gregor Elsholz

Xbox Series X vs. PS5: Who goes to the front?

Like all worthwhile dramas of this kind, the competition has currently had some spins. Really hopes were both dissatisfied and surpassed – yet when I take a look at the previous season, the duel winner is much clearer than I expected in the past.

My Xbox Series X has actually collected more play time than the PS5. As a matter of fact, I use the Xbox for nearly all games, that showed up on both platforms and also have actually likewise spent a few necessary mins in Forza Horizon 5 and also other games that are only offered through Xbox descending compatibility.

For concerning a year now I have been able to observe among one of the most entertaining rivalries in human history in my living room, in HDR and 4K. The PS5 and Xbox Series X ranks following to my tv like two plastic cases for my time as well as interest, which I can naturally just offer among them at the same time due to natural restrictions (just two eyes & two hands).

I use the PS5, on the other hand, for the Sony special games , which interest me and which I can’t play anywhere else-what has actually been limited to me because the release to Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Deathloop as well as Horizon Forbidden West, With a brief detour to Astro’s Playroom.

_ In this 7 aspects, Xbox depends on the front with PlayStation: _

Microsoft does the little points right

The distinctions in between the PS5 and also the Xbox Series X are generally only small information. Both are incredibly effective tools that have a lot to provide under the hood .

This consists of the main menu with the versatile history as well as the easier to browse tiled look as well as the largely worry-free Smart Distribution system and the Dolby Vision option . Together with some instead interesting day-one launches in the Video game Pass, the Xbox Series X has actually therefore created silently and privately right into my standard console, while the PS5 is only activated for sure games.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | 3 months | Xbox download code

Currently from EUR 38.99 at

The price might be higher currently. Price from June 25th, 2022 06:57 a.m.

PlayStation 5: Video game deal up until now not convincing

With God of Battle: Ragnarök, Wonder’s Spider-Man 2 and PSVR2 , I have naturally already planned a couple of hours with each other with my PS5. Up until after that, Sony’s console still has to concern terms with her unusual role as a new challenger.

The PS5 is as a result by no suggests a second-class console, but the stimulate has simply not really jumped over for me. Because the console in the aforementioned issues of the Xbox is presently afterwards, the games are all the more important-and the PS5-exclusive offer has actually thus far been too thin for me , specifically since neither the Demon’s Soul Remake nor Returnal hit. Because I already bet the games offered there on the PS4, also the PS Plus Collection can not bind me to the PS5.

_ In of our video we show you all the essential information about the Xbox Series X | S: _

Xbox Series S/X Sign up for us
on Youtube

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The differences in between the PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X are generally only tiny information. Both are very effective gadgets that have a whole lot to supply under the hood . The PS5 is consequently by no means a second-class console, however the spark has just not actually jumped over for me. Because the console in the abovementioned issues of the Xbox is presently afterwards, the games are all the more important-and the PS5-exclusive deal has actually so much been also slim for me , particularly because neither the Satanic force’s Heart Remake neither Returnal hit. Even the PS And Also Collection can not bind me to the PS5 since I already gambled the games available there on the PS4.

Media market: 3 days madness – the best gaming

3 days of madness at MediaMarkt means that you get numerous great offers by June 26, 2022! In the following we show you our gaming highlights for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch , which you shouldn’t miss.

3 days madness: all offers at a glance

the best PS5 accessories offers

If you are looking for suitable accessories for your PlayStation 5, you can now get numerous products at MediaMarkt for a great offer price:

  • Sony Dual Sense Controller knows
  • Sony Pulse 3D Gaming Headset
  • Sony Dualsense charging station
  • Sony HD camera
  • Sony media remote control
  • WD_BLACK SN850 1-TB gaming SSD for the PS5

the best Xbox offers

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is the perfect introduction to the next generation of console -the console is particularly worthwhile in connection with the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s Gaming-Aboservice.

Xbox Elite Series 2: High-End-Wireless Controller

The perfect accessories for your new Xbox console is of course also on offer: the Xbox Elite Series 2. The professional controller offers over 30 different setting options and a battery life of up to 40 hours.

the best Nintendo offers

Nintendo Switch owners can look forward to zahriche game offers at MediaMarkt . Our highlights:

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Nintendo Switch Sports
  • Mario Party Superstars
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Ring Fit Adventure
  • Kirby and the forgotten country


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A real Microsoft showcase, the Xbox Series X is the last console of the American giant. Between the lack of element inducing unscientific availability and also the uncommon models provided at delusional rates, players are battling to obtain their hands on the Microsoft console. The good news is, the moment might have come to most likely to the Next-Gen because the Xbox Series X is offered at Amazon at its regular cost of EUR 499.99.

The best strategy


  • Microsoft Xbox…






  • Micromania


  • Cdiscount


  • LDLC


  • Marketplace


Its muscular configuration is based on a chip AMD RDNA 2 Propeling its 8 cores up to 3.8 GHZ ( 3.6 GHZ with SMT ) connected with 16 Go of RAM GDDR6 making certain a theoretical computer power directing to 12 teraflops . To spoil nothing, the Xbox Series X takes a big SSD NVME from 1 to , enough to save a great number of games as well as appreciate minimized filling time with sorrow.

Its design, buffooned by lots of players , is not the result of possibility, but has been thought to dispel the Watts removed by this arrangement. Considering that Microsoft is due to the comfort of its gamers , the console takes on what to draw a smile on all faces, like the Audio 3D or the HDR automated .

Discover our Xbox Series X test


[Information] Xbox Series X test: a model console for the other day video games and those of tomorrow

Far from the prices charged by thefraudsters _, the Xbox Series x is currently in supply at . If you have not yet obtained your hands on the last Microsoft console , it may be the occasion, however you have to do promptly because stocks are not unrestricted, especially at its basis of EUR 499.99 .

Discover the offer at Amazon

for the Elite

  • Microsoft Xbox…



  • Rakuten


  • Cdiscount


  • Industry


  • Darty Marketplace




  • Industry


  • Cdiscount Industry


  • La Redoute Industry




  • LDLC




Devoted to players The most demanding, Microsoft has actually renewed its deluxe controller, the controller Xbox Elite 2 Collection , at the very same time as its consoles. Much more effective than ever before, the controller is accurate as well as receptive, while preserving what made its success. Customizable In all directions, it tackles adjustable back pallets , allows you to change the level of sensitivity of the triggers and also even offers the opportunity of changing certain buttons such as the directional pavement.

The Xbox Elite 2 Collection controller is supplied in an attractive transportation situation which likewise acts as lots station , due to the fact that of course, the Elite controller is geared up with a rechargeable battery , rather than the AA batteries that Microsoft appears to be like concerning Xbox 360 .

Obtain well since this controller is not prepared for the Sunday player. Gone for EUR 179.99 , it is currently supplied to 149.99 EUR , a high price which is justified by these high-flying solutions. Widely sufficient to guarantee your supremacy in video games while giving brand-new comfort for a video game controller.

With this

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Its muscle setup is based on a chip AMD RDNA 2 Propeling its 8 cores up to 3.8 GHZ ( 3.6 GHZ with SMT ) connected with 16 Go of RAM GDDR6 making sure an academic computing power aiming to 12 teraflops . To spoil nothing, the Xbox Series X takes a big SSD NVME from 1 to , sufficient to keep an excellent number of video games and also enjoy reduced packing time with sadness. Certainly, the gamers will be able to discover the brand-new globe of 4K 120 FPS many thanks to the typical HDMI 2.1 .

Given that Microsoft is due to the comfort of its players , the console takes on what to attract a smile on all faces, like the Audio 3D or the HDR automated . Far from the rates billed by thescammers _, the Xbox Series x is currently in stock at .

NARAKA: Cross Play Management/Cross

Naraka: BladePoint is an adventure royal battle in the fantasy genre, in which up to 60 players can fight a duel to become the last surviving man (or woman).

Currently, the game is available only on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC and, fortunately, allows players on both platforms to play together thanks to the support of the cross-platform game. The details of the cross-processions are a little vague at the time of writing, but there is a certain level of support that can be used.

Versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 5 are in development and will be released in the future. Naraka: It is expected that BladePoint will expand support for cross-games and cross-processions with its releases.

At the moment, the next management will provide you with all the necessary information about the level of support for cross-games and cross-processions in Naraka: BladePoint.

Naraka: Support for cross-platform game BladePoint

Naraka: BladePoint became available to the Xbox series consoles only in June 2022. Previously, the game was available only on a PC, and it was not even the opportunity to allow players to play together on different PC launches.

However, after the update of June 2022, Naraka: BladePoint officially supports the cross-platform game between the consoles of the Xbox and PC series. This means that players on both sides of the bridge can play together.

However, the game still does not allow PC players to play between different launches. Therefore, Steam players cannot play with players in Epic Games Store.

It is expected that the lack of support for the cross-platform game between various PC launch programs will change. Please note that there was no official announcement, but we expect that the support of the cross-platform game will improve after the versions for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One.

Naraka: Support for cross-processing BladePoint

Naraka: BladePoint only partially supports cross-progress. Steam and Xbox accounts are considered separate objects. You cannot transfer your progress from Steam to Xbox. If you decide to switch to the console version, you will have to start from scratch.


Oddly enough, you can still transfer your progress from PC to Xbox, but for this you will need an Xbox account. Players playing through Microsoft Store on a PC can use cross progress, since Xbox and Microsoft Store are considered the same objects, since they belong to the same ecosystem.

As in the case of a cross-platform game, players cross their fingers, waiting for an improvement in the support of cross-progress in the future.

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