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“Apex Legends” Next Generation Version Update Delivery Decision! Supports full 60 Hz, 4K, HDR

Electronic Arts announced that the next generation of Apex Legends ** “will be delivered on March 30.

More-performance next-generation model is compatible with various functions such as comfortable play and 4K, HDR compatible with full 60Hz. Some functions in the Xbox console are only Xbox Series X. In addition, the functions of complying in the future have also been announced.

# Function corresponding to next-generation models

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* 4K Output: PS5 / Xbox Series X

  • Full 60Hz: PS5 / Xbox Series X | S

  • HDR: PS5 / Xbox Series X | S

  • High resolution shadow map: PS5 / Xbox Series x

  • LOD Distance expanded: PS5 / Xbox Series x

# Feature for future support in next-generation models

  • 120Hz Gameplay: PS5 / Xbox Series X | S

  • Adaptive Trigger: PS5

  • Haptics Feedback: PS5

  • Visual improvement: PS5 / Xbox Series X | S

  • Audio Improvement: PS5 / Xbox Series X | S

The XBOX version is not necessary for the SMARTDELIVERY function to upgrade the next generation of machine version, but the PS5 version needs some settings.

  1. Move to PS5 dashboard game hub

  2. Press the three-point reader (option button) next to “Playing the game”

  3. Press “Select Version” to choose PS5 version, download

  4. Delete PS4 version from game library when download is complete

The next generation of “Apex Legends” will be delivered March 30 along with the Warriors Collection Event.

GTA 5: Preload on PS5 and Xbox Series X already started and there are gifts

GTA 5 also appears in a Next Gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X. Finally, there are tangible information and the launch is imminent. Since the latest we also know: The Preload is already going on who pre-ordered the new version can now download GTA 5 already in the PS Store or Microsoft Store on the PS5 or Xbox. In addition, wave in Game bonuses if your character transmits.

GTA 5: Preload The Next Gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series X already starts

Preload started: You can already download the new PS5 and Xbox version of GTA 5 now. The release is only on March 15, but whoever wants to be sure to get started directly, may already start the download. Whether on Xbox or PS5 plays no role, both platforms are already going on.

  • When does the Preload start? Now. You can start the download already.
  • When is GTA 5? On March 15, the PS5 and Xbox version is officially launched.

It’s about it: PS5 and Xbox Series S / X get their own, improved version of GTA 5. The looks chic thanks 60 fps, 4k and raytracing and also benefits from other features such as 3D audio and haptic feedback, For example, if you play with a dualSense Controller.

We now also know what the fun costs and how big the two versions fail:

__76 __1

GTA 5:

File size & price of the next gene versions known


This brings the upgrade: Anyone who is upgrading to the current console generation can look forward to the following innovations.

  • New graphics modes
  • 4K resolution
  • Up to 60 fps
  • Improved textures

GTA 5 PS5/Xbox Series X - NEW TRAILER! Online Character Transfers, FREE Playstation Plus & MORE!
* HDR support
* Raytracing
* Faster charging times
* 3D audio

Here you can see a trailer for the Next Gen version of GTA 5 for Xbox Series S / X and PS5:

Who transfers old characters, gets in Game Gifts

Carreer Builder in GTA Online: In a post on the official Rockstar Games-Blog, the developer studio also explains how the Career Builder works in GTA online. This offers new players * inside the opportunity to start with a small lead into the online world. That is, you get a company real estate, a vehicle and a weapon as well as a whole lot GTA $ for the start.

__16 __3

GTA 5 & GTA Online:

So you cross your characters on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S


In Game Bonuses for Veterans: If you take your progress and character from GTA 5 from one of the older platforms, get some gifts in the game. However, this works only within a console family, so from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One on Xbox Series S / X. As a reward, a Karin S95, a HSW race suit and some Chameleon coatings wave.

Are you looking forward to the new version of GTA 5 or do not you want to play again and pay for it?

Xbox celebrates the year of the tiger

The Xbox has had a lot of fun lately when it comes to making various collaborations, as well as to create various goods itself. And it turns out that Xbox has decided to take this opportunity to celebrate the new lunar New Year, and with him, the year of the Tiger.

Label as the Xbox Series S Lucky, the company has created 5 Custom Xbox Series S Consoles and Xbox Wireless Controllers. This is part of a collaboration with the Chinese artist Burma and is inspired by his iconic art.

According to the Xbox version, those born under the year of the tiger are determined and confident, and they are traits that all have in the Xbox family. It was the hope that the creation of this console would summarize the feeling of the year of the Tiger. There was therefore the use of red and gold as part of the console and controller design, and black ink style finishes, displaying a tiger and trees on both devices. There are also the words a golden tiger (虎) written on the back of the joystick. We do not know what is said on the console itself, but it may mean luck and joy, as well as good wishes for the year of the tiger.

Unfortunately, it seems that it is only on Xbox China that it will be possible to win this special edition XBOX Series S. But Chinese residents can participate in the official contest. They can do it via two official channels: either via WeChat or via Bidibidi. The competition will start on January 25, 2022, at 12:00, normal time of China.

However, if we are so lucky and so enough people express the desire for such a console, we may be able to organize a competition to win a console celebrating the year of the rabbit on a broader global scale.

The escape of Goldeneye 007 seems to insinuate an Xbox port

The iconic video game of Nintendo 64 Oldenzaal 007 could receive a new version if a recent flight is an indication. A series of achievements of Xbox for Goldener 007 has appeared online that seems to indicate that the popular video game could receive a new port in the near future, although nothing official has been announced.

The True achievements website, which tracks such things, seemingly discovered recently a list of Xbox achievements for an Xbox version of Oldenzaal 007 consisting of 55 achievements separated by a total value of 1,000 Gamer score. There are only a few Xbox accounts that have obtained any of these achievements and, as you notes of IGN, it is speculated that at least two of these belong to Rare employees, the company that originally made the video game for Nintendo 64, but then It was purchased by Xbox.

LEAKED NEWS! Goldeneye 007 N64 version on XBOX FINALLY happening!

In particular, this is not the first time that a Remaster of Golden eye 007 has heard. A version of the video game for Xbox Live Arcade, canceled for a long time, appeared online at the beginning of 2021. It is not clear if the list of achievements and the previous project are related in some way, but in particular, the score of player 1,000 attached It seems to exclude the list. Of achievements as if they were from the old project at least.

From this moment, it is not known when or if a new port of Golden eye 007 will be announced by Xbox. For now, the only official video game of James Bond is the one who is developing the developer of the Hitman franchise, IO Interactive, which was previously announced in 2020. You can check all our previous James Bond coverage in general here.

What do you think about Xbox’s achievements filtered for Golden ye 007 ? Do you think you could announce a new port in the near future? Let us know in the comments, or do not hesitate to contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games.

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