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The initial mafia is completely free on Steam momentarily

The Mafia series is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. In the meanwhile, the series includes three different titles, along with definitive versions for all video games that act as a type of remaster. The series was able to build an actual fan base over the years, but also for lots of gamers the very first mafia still remains the absolute fave.

Mafia protect free of charge on Steam

If you have actually not yet had the ability to play this fan favorite, after that 2K has a respectable offer for you: from September 1st to September 5th of this year you can obtain the initial mafia on Steam totally free. Normally the title costs 9.99 euros, and if you intend to think the roughly 6,000 user evaluations on Steam, it is constantly worth this cost. Nobody must miss out on the game entirely free of charge.

In enhancement to the initial mafia, there are currently some a lot more free video games for you on Steam. For instance, a prolonged free weekend for Age of Realms 4, along with a free advocate Battle Dust of Raptor Laboratory runs. We have summarized what else there is and also just how you can secure the deals for you in a separate article.

For the 20th birthday of the Mafia series, 2K has a couple of more things in store. For instance, a competition is presently underway, in which you can win the original score to Mafia 3 as plastic. All you need to do is share a tweet of 2K with the linked hashtag. All policies for the competitors are additionally included in the tweet. In enhancement, 2K revealed in a current interview that function on a totally new mafia video game started. Far, nevertheless, they have actually not been able to share even more information.

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The Mafia series is celebrating its 20th birthday celebration this year. The series was able to construct a genuine follower base over the years, however for numerous players the extremely first mafia still continues to be the absolute favorite.

For the 20th birthday celebration of the Mafia series, 2K has a few more things in store.

Offer declined: Ömer Toprak leaves Werder Bremen

In 2019 Toprak from Dortmund involved the Weser. His time in Bremen was shaped by many injuries. But when the 32-year-old was in shape, he was an outright leading entertainer at SV Werder. Generally, the German-Turk was used 36 times for the green-whites in the Bundesliga as well as 21 times in the second organization. His solid efficiencies can additionally be seen from the fact that he ended up in third area in the years Difficult ranking of the second half of the year amongst the central defenders behind colleagues Marco Friedl as well as Schalke Ko ItaKura.

We would certainly have loved to proceed working with him, particularly because he was partially component of the last three years Difficult phases for him Sowohl as well as an extremely vital role next to the square, said Clemens Fritz, Head of Scouting as well as Professional Sphere, on the SVW site. As a captain, he was the leader in the team last year as well as also led the team with challenging phases.

Virtually everything was there in the three years. Transfer, descent, increase, injuries, goals at the last minute and a remarkable credentials after the last residence video game against Regensburg as well as the return to the Bundesliga. For me it is currently time, one-time Placed up a new phase, stated Toprak, who had made obvious of the fact that he had also ashamed of the descent.

now continues to be Veljkovic?

We would have enjoyed to proceed functioning with him, especially considering that he was partially component of the last 3 years Difficult phases for him Sowohl as well as a very vital duty next to the square, claimed Clemens Fritz, Head of Scouting as well as Specialist Ball, on the SVW web site. As a captain, he was the leader in the team last year and likewise led the team via hard stages. Transfer, descent, rise, injuries, goals at the last min as well as an outstanding credentials after the last home game against Regensburg and the return to the Bundesliga.

Toprak repaired the descent with your coworkers and also assisted that Werder will play first-rate once more in the coming period. While a main defender currently has quality, everything is open in another: Milos Veljkovic’s agreement also runs out in summertime. According to years Difficult info, Werder wants to prolong among both expiring agreements from Toprak or Veljkovic. If no agreement is discovered with both, another brand-new enhancement would or else exist. After Toprak’s departure, there is currently a possibility of proceeding the agreement with the Serbs.

Sega reported over the past financial year and hints at remakes and remasters

Today, SEGA has published its financial results for the financial year, which ended on March 31, 2022. The company announced the improvement of sales and operating profits, noting a significant restoration of the Pacular, Pachinko business and entertainment automatic machines. At the same time, Entertainment Contents (which specializes in games) showed good results.

Considering the forecast for the current financial year, which will end in March 2023, the Sega expects a further growth in sales and profit in all areas of activity. If we talk specifically about games, the company plans to “a significant increase in the number of new games” amid the growth of repeated sales due to the large number of new games released in the last financial year. As for the Free-to-Play Games, SEGA plans to improve the work of existing games and draw up a schedule for the release of new ones.

It is interesting that the company has defined the consumer direction in the business of entertainment content (mainly games for consoles and PC) as “the most important area of growth in the future.” As a result, they intend to actively invest in expanding the revenues from global games, given the “expected expansion of the global game market.”

Until the end of the 2026 financial year, SEGA plans to invest 100 billion yen (about 775 million dollars). In the current financial year, SEGA plans to release 13 games simultaneously around the world and on different platforms. Of these, we already know Sonic Frontiers, Soul Hackers 2, Sonic Origins, Two Point Campus and 13 Sentinels: AEGIS RIM for Switch. They expect these games to be dispersed of about 13 million copies.

SEGA COMING WITH NEW REMAKES & REMASTERS! (SEGA Financials, Sonic Thriving, New Games & MORE)
The company plans to work on methods of extending the life cycle of products, including remakes and remasters, spin-offs and games that will change the theme of the franchise. It is not reported how many games will fall into this category, but it is predicted that 5 million units will be sold in total. It is worth noting that these games are included in 13 games mentioned above.

The Xbox Series X can have the same dashboard as the Xbox One

The Xbox Series X plans to go out a little later this year. There is no exact date, but most people reasonably suspect that we will see the last Microsoft console in November or December. Just in time for Christmas. Of course, the coronavirus could force a kind of delay, but in the current state of things, nothing has changed. The Xbox Series X has surprised many people in the game industry, even those that have been schemes from Microsft. The console specifications were published a few weeks ago and they seem to be peer or even exceed what PlayStation has proposed. Most of a big surprise. While the Xbox Series X will introduce a lot of new things for Xbox fans, there could be some features that will be very familiar to them. Namely the dashboard.

Единственный минус Xbox Series X при покупке на старте | Дашборд нового Xbox

More information on the Xbox Series X interface has surfaced and it seems that the new generation console will borrow the dashboard used on the Xbox One. Although the interface we will see on the Xbox Series X is not identical, it will be very similar. Something that fans may not be too satisfied. There is nothing wrong with the Xbox One edge board, however, offering nothing new to fans will only be lazy.

Keep in mind that the interface could change radically after launch thanks to updates. This was the case for the Xbox 360 edge board. The difference in appearance from 2005 to 2013 was amazing and seemed really impressing its users.

Tell us what you think. Would you agree if the Xbox Series X does not change its dashboard?

The Streamer Awards

The year 2022 has become a internet-relevant and pop cultural award ceremony: On March 12, 2022 the Streamer Awards was awarded in various categories – Not to be confused with the Streamy Awards. The streamy awards are actually called YouTube Streamy Awards and became 2009 forgiven the first time. The name already points in the direction in which it goes: Streamy Awards, which exceeds 2021 MrBeast as Creator of the Year , is intended for Youtuber. Streamer Awards, on the other hand, characterize LiveStreamer. And that happened 2022, as already mentioned, for the first time.

Who invented the streamer awards?

Behind the price, which probably hopes for more attention in coming years, streamer Blaire Aka Qtcinderlla, partner of the well-known streamer Ludwig Ahgren. They organized, produced and moderated the show, which was streamed in Fonda Theater live on the Internet on March 12, 2022 and reached from the stand hundreds of thousands of spectators. No wonder, a lot of streaming “heavyweights” were nominated for the Streamer Awards.

Why The Streamer Awards?

As mentioned, The Streamer Awards should be more of an institution under streamers as well as from and for the fans. Qtcinderella considers that most comparable awards meanwhile lost contact with the fanbase because they would be too big, too professional, too commercial. The Streamer Awards had originally offered Qtcinderella even Twitch and the concept would have been considered for the TwitchCon next year – but this was not in the sense of Qtcinderella. And so she tried to organize the show itself from the stand itself and remain independent.

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About the winners of a category 70 percent determine the votes of the fans who could give their votes online. The remaining 30 percent come from the members of a jury – that should be prevented that only the streamer can win with the largest community. At the premiere the Streamer Awards achieved 380,000 simultaneous spectators when transferring to Twitch at peak times, a really strong occurrence.

The Streamer Awards – Winner 2022

What do Amouranth, Asmongold, Pokimane, Shroud, Ludwig and other streamer have together? They won at the 2022 Streamer Awards. In the following categories:

  • Best Battle Royale Streamer 2022: ACEU
  • BEST MMORPG Streamer 2022: Asmongold
  • Best Role Play Streamer 2022: CYR – Ruest
  • Best FPS Streamer 2022: Tarik
  • Best Super Shmash Bros. Streamer 2022: Mango
  • Best Chess Streamer 2022: BOTEZLIVE
  • BEST ASMR Streamer 2022: Amouranth
  • Best VTUBER Streamer 2022: Codemiko
  • Best Music Streamer 2022: Lilypichu
  • Best Irl Streamer 2022: Hachubby
  • Best League of Legends Streamer 2022: Loltyler1
  • Best Minecraft Streamer 2022: Tommyinnit

The Streamer Awards 2022
* Best Valorant Streamer 2022: Iitzimmy
* Best GTA RP Streamer 2022: Buddha
* Best Philanthropic Streamer 2022: JackSepticeYe
* Stream Game of the Year 2022: Minecraft
* Best Variety Streamer 2022: Moistcr1Tikal
* Best Just Chatting Streamer 2022: Mizkif
* Best Speedrunner 2022: Smallant
* Best Strategy’s Game Streamer 2022: DISGUISEDTOAST
* Best Streamed Event 2022: The Jerma985 Dollhouse
* Best Content Organization 2022: One True King
* Rising Star Awards 2022: punch
* League of Their Own 2022: Jerma985
* Legacy Award 2022: Pokimane
* Gamer of the Year 2022: Shroud
* Streamer of the Year 2022: Ludwig

Why were there trouble around The Streamer Awards?

The show was not only accompanied by much praise, but also many negative comments. Streamer like Sykkuno and Valkyrae, for example, wondered that they had no place in the annual recap video, but later apologized for perhaps a bit of harsh criticism of Qtcinderllas Show. Other criticized The Streamer Awards, regardless of the fact that it has been the first show of its kind, and that it understandably in the future space for improvement. Qtcinderlla, for example, retired due to the negative storm, which brayed over her, a while back from social media life.

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What Mtcinderella had also liked that disbelief was that Ludwig has won the prize as Streamer of the Year, and not XQC, which many others had seen the position. Dr. Disrespect also threw the event a slope to the catering industry – Ludwig then threw himself in an “All Good Fun” -Witter feud in front of his companion Qtcinderella. Because with one he is right: In the end, 70 percent of the fanvotes and only 30 percent of the jury counted. It’s not that easy to work your own friends a price in the bag. Apart from that: What would you have? Finally, the Streamer Awards no money is loved, it’s about prestige and about making good streamers. You should really open your eyes for The Streamer Awards 2023!

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An Xbox Series Special Chinese New Year Year of Tiger, Shes already collector

In a few days, China and part of Asia will celebrate the transition to the new year according to the lunar calendar. And in 2022, it is the tiger that is in the spotlight, a sign synonymous with strength, power, bravery but also to exorcise evils. It is with all this in mind that Microsoft has launched the production of 15 Xbox One S in the colors of the animal for the Chinese New Year, and one copy is winning on Microsoft’s Twitter account. It is the artist Bu2ma (Bu-Er-Ma) who is the author, he who is adept of the drawings rounds and cute. For the dress, it’s a pretty flamboyant red that has been chosen (and symbol of traditional lucky color in Chinese culture), while the ornaments refer reference to the animal king of all the beasts in China. Whether it’s on the Xbox Series X cover or on the controller, we find the tiger according to the Chinese calligraphy style. Small detail to emphasize, but which is not seen in the visual provided by Microsoft, the sinogram (虎) written in Chinese (meaning “Tiger”) is displayed on the back of the joystick. On the other hand, on the facade, we can see the sinograms 虎年 大吉 who wish us the best for this year of the tiger.

Chinese New Year||History of Tiger Year||New Year 2022|| @Chamkty Taray|| #china #newyear
In keeping with our new Xbox Series S series harness consoles, we wish all a good year of the Tiger Filled and Fortune. 春节乐! 虎年 大吉!

Last years smartphone shipments, the first increase in 5 years

The world’s smartphone shipments increased for the first time in five years.

The world’s smartphone shipments, which had not been able to decline since 2017, have increased by 5% in the past year, and the Techk Launch reported a major market research company such as counter points and IDC.

The counterpoints aggregated that the shipments of smartphone shipments increased by 4% last year. Another market researcher IDC said smartphone shipment growth rate of 5.7%.

In particular, smartphone makers have been analyzing that smartphone shipments have been visible to the increase in smartphone shipments, even though they have caused large disrupts to the supply chain,

In particular, IDC said, “If it would have been a much higher growth rate than 5.7%,” if there was no supply chain problem, “said,” I showed that the smartphone demand for smartphone, which was accompanied, “he said.

It was Samsung Electronics and Apple, who led smartphone growth. All of the counter points and IDCs have been aggregated with Samsung’s last year’s smartphone shipments.

The counterpoints have been aggregated by Samsung to shipment of 240 million units of smart phones last year. On the other hand, IDC analyzed that Samsung had 20.1% of the market share, while Samsung has shipped 200 million units. This share of this share is 0.1% p compared to 20%.

Apple had more remarkable growth. The IDC has been aggregated with 17.4% of the market share while Apple shipments of W235.70 million in iPhone last year. Apple, especially, compared to the previous year, the iPhone shipments increased by 15.9%, and the second place was established.

Dit zijn de beste smartphones van februari | De vijf van Kieskeurig

Apple gave strength to the market research results at the 27th anniversary. Apple said that the iPhone-related sales has increased by $ 71633,000 and 9% from the previous year.

Team Cook The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) immediately after the earnings announcement, “The supply chain problem is still engaged in the conference call, but recently, this problem has been resolved a little.”

By region, China was a big hit as a significant problem in China, and the United States and Indian markets have been growing.

The counter point was analyzed that the increase in US smartphone demand was Apple’s first 5G phones, iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 attracted a great popularity during the Black Friday and the US New Year season.

India has also increased its smartphone shipments due to high replacement demand.

Record year: Xbox reaches new heights with Game Pass and Next gene

Xbox is currently on a real high altitude flight: The PlayStation competitor was able to record an absolute record year in 2021 – the Game Pass Service and the Xbox Series X | S have contributed significantly to this success.

Microsoft has announced that the Gaming division of the Tech Giant 2021 was able to record a record year. Xbox was able to emit revenue of $16.28 billion and has achieved a new milestone.

Xbox starts through and celebrates record year 2021

Xbox has set up a personal taking record 2021 and thus exceeded the previous year for whopping 17.7 percent. (Source: Microsoft). How Industry Analyst Daniel Ahmad notified on Twitter was increased by content and services by 8.8 percent compared to the previous year, while hardware sales even increased by 63.3 percent.

Thus, it can be said that have contributed to both the Game Pass Service and the Xbox Series X | S crucial to the success of last year. Last but not least, Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced that the Next-Gen consoles were the fastest-selling Xbox generation of all time – and demand surpasses the offer.

Microsoft on the upswing: records and big plans for 2022

With the two consecutive record years in the back, Microsoft sends itself to further conquer the gaming industry. The planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard King should undoubtedly play an important role. With a steadily growing game library and numerous well-known franchises Xbox could probably re-report a record year for next January . However, if Xbox can therefore make Sony the Next-Gen throne, must still show: a recently published forecast, the PS5 still sees the PS5 in the 2022 sales still far before the Xbox Series X | s.

WAS means the Activision Takeover? We explain it to you in the video:

Xbox currently surfs at the Success Shaft: After the announcement of the Activision acquisition, the Gaming Giant has now announced that 2021 could be recorded as a record year with regard to revenue. Decisive for success were both the Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Series X | s.

Xbox celebrates the year of the tiger

The Xbox has had a lot of fun lately when it comes to making various collaborations, as well as to create various goods itself. And it turns out that Xbox has decided to take this opportunity to celebrate the new lunar New Year, and with him, the year of the Tiger.

Label as the Xbox Series S Lucky, the company has created 5 Custom Xbox Series S Consoles and Xbox Wireless Controllers. This is part of a collaboration with the Chinese artist Burma and is inspired by his iconic art.

According to the Xbox version, those born under the year of the tiger are determined and confident, and they are traits that all have in the Xbox family. It was the hope that the creation of this console would summarize the feeling of the year of the Tiger. There was therefore the use of red and gold as part of the console and controller design, and black ink style finishes, displaying a tiger and trees on both devices. There are also the words a golden tiger (虎) written on the back of the joystick. We do not know what is said on the console itself, but it may mean luck and joy, as well as good wishes for the year of the tiger.

Unfortunately, it seems that it is only on Xbox China that it will be possible to win this special edition XBOX Series S. But Chinese residents can participate in the official contest. They can do it via two official channels: either via WeChat or via Bidibidi. The competition will start on January 25, 2022, at 12:00, normal time of China.

However, if we are so lucky and so enough people express the desire for such a console, we may be able to organize a competition to win a console celebrating the year of the rabbit on a broader global scale.

PS5 and Xbox Series X buy AMD impresses with high demand

In the history of video game consoles, the 9th generation began in 2020 with the result of the PlayStation 5 gaming consoles of the Japanese producer Sony and also Xbox Series from the American Microsoft, The generation of the Nintendo Change is not clearly specified. Certainly, the console came out in March 2017, well prior to the launch of the PlayStation 5 as well as the Xbox Series, specifically since of the commercial failure of the Wii U of Nintendo. Additionally, as for the Wii, the Nintendo Change does not fit right into the exact same technological method. Therefore, the switch is usually taken into consideration a member of the eighth generation of consoles due to its lower power.

Who wants to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X, continues to patience and a portion of luck — even over a year after release. Due to delivery problems and the worldwide chip scarcity, demand exceeds the offer: new (often small) stocks are mostly out of stock for only a few minutes at dealers — the interest is great. In a conversation with investors, AMD-boss Lisa SU draws a very positive resumption for the past year — and shows itself the strong sales figures of the PS5 and Xbox Series X quite impressed.

Also 2022 a strong year for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

If one looks at the console cycle as a whole, he is outstanding, commented on the AMD boss. It particularly highlights the strength of the cycle, which is now in the second year and still generates a high demand. We continue our efforts to increase the production of chips, adds SU. It calculates that for PS5 (Buy Now) and Xbox Series X / S 2022 a strong year is imminent — and the sales will continue to rise. Look at the typical console cycles, the climax is usually achieved in the fourth year, says SU and supplemented that 2023 is expected to be with the peak.

PS5 & Series X: What AMD Chip Shortages Mean - Next-Gen Console Watch

Continue chip scarcity

Whether SU says right with your statements will have to show. AMD previously predicted that 2022 with a chip scarcity is expected. Intel, however, assumes that the bottleneck will continue until the coming year. Where and when both PS5 and Xbox Series X can be purchased, you will learn as usual regularly on our website. Look past our bargain guide. PS5 and Xbox Series X came on the market in November 2020.

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