Trainer Zoff in the 3rd football league: at the 2-0 (1: 0) success of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern at FSV Zwickau on Saturday, the emotions beat up between the coaches.

FCK coach Marco Antwerp refused his colleague Joe Enoch’s handshake. Antwerp at “Magenta football league”: “He knows what he always takes everything in place and then you do not always have to go over and give him the hand. In this case, I did not do it.” Enoch replied: “We played against him twice, and I do not have to see him anymore.”

In addition to pursuer louber, bencher leaders 1. FC Magdeburg with a further victory his position, both marching at the top in the part. The FCM gave the SV Wiesbaden on Saturday 3-1 (1: 1). The red devils have been unbeaten since ten games.

Kaiserslautern Trainer Marco Antwerpen persönlich - Dein FCK #14 | SWR Sport

Vitel joy prevailed in Magdeburg. “Of course, the victory feels great. It was a very heavy game again,” said FCM scorer Amara Conde. Next, the absolute top game against the four-time German champion from Kaiserslautern will be on the program next Saturday. “Today I want to enjoy the game for a moment, and then we will deal with Kaiserslautern from Sunday,” said Magdeburg coach Christian Titz.

The VFL Osnabrück struggled to a 1: 1 (0: 0) against the insolvent descent candidate TurkGücü Munich. Waldhof Mannheim Combong newcomer Viktoria Berlin 3: 2 (2: 2).

The TSV Havelse left a 3-0 (1: 0) against the SV Meppen the last table space. Havel’s coach Rüdiger Ziehl meant: “That was just a good performance of my team – a willpass.” The Würzburger Kickers are new taught light. The SC Verl and the Hallesche FC separated goatless.